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Essential Apps That Can Help Online Forex Traders

Online forex trading is a great way to earn money at your own leisure. A lot of people are now getting into this form of investment – some do it when they have the time to do so while others have gained a level of financial independence from trading currencies that they have quit their jobs and now trading full-time.

To become a successful forex trader, you obviously need to have the right equipment and resources to be able to make analytical decisions of currency trends and movements. Fortunately, the internet is rife with different tools and resources for the budding online trader. For example, click here and you’ll see a nice introduction to the basics of trading. But beyond what you see on the internet, the trader of today now also has access to many tools and apps that can help them in their trading.

Here are some apps that will be essential for you as an online forex trader:

Trading Clock HD

This iOS app is supposedly the only trading clock that is available in the Apple App Store. Trading Clock HD shows the time in all of the major forex cities. This lets the users know when trading is already starting and when it officially ends. You can see eight of the major cities on one page for easy reference.

Forex News

Why scour through different news sites to read about forex-related articles and news stories when you can download Forex News? This app conveniently aggregates the news feeds of various forex news sites like Action Forex, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones, among others. But the Forex News app doesn’t just compile the articles from different feeds, it also recategorizes them by currency. This is very useful because forex traders usually just concentrate on one or two currencies. So this makes it easier for them to get information on their currencies of choice.

Forex Trading Unlocked

Another handy and free app for both expert and rookie forex traders is Forex Trading Unlocked. This is a powerful resource for online traders. It features news, video feeds, charts and market analysis on various currencies. It even has an economic event calendar, trading signals and also aggregates news feeds from Bloomberg, Reuters and even different brokerage houses.