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Why It’s Not All About Downloads


First it was vinyls, then the cassette tape took over, and next it was the CD. The Mini Disc came and went without many people even batting an eyelid, and finally – bringing us bang up to date – came the download. Music lovers up and down the country can simply download their favourite tunes onto their laptop, iPhone, or mp3 player, and enjoy the beats straight away. It all sounds so easy, but for lots of people, the ease of a download simply cannot compete with holding an actual physical item in the palm of their hands.

CDs meet that need, so it’s little wonder the industry is still thriving. CD production is still a huge part of the music industry. After all, when it comes to giving someone their favourite album, isn’t it a nicer experience to open a CD, read the inlay card, maybe even enjoy the song lyrics, than being given a giftcard to download your own choice of music? So, with that in mind, the production of CDs is likely to continue to thrive.

While the music download may well be convenient – a few clicks on your keyboard, a small sum later, there’s no denying the fact you’re actually missing out on a big part of the music buying experience. A CD provides you with much more information about the music you’re listening to. What’s more, you can even sit it on your shelf next to your CD player and enjoy the CD artwork while you’re listening to the music.

You can compare the CD production market to the book market. A few years ago, when the first ereaders came out, the nation worried that books would disappear from shelves. Bookshops would close down and leave empty stores in towns across the country. That didn’t happen. It’s the same with newspapers and magazines. While many of us will look up the news online, we’ll also enjoy reading the papers on a weekend, or on the way to work. As human beings, sound is one of our main senses – but so, too, is touch. So, when we can touch something – be that a CD, book, or newspaper – we get a whole lot more appreciation from it. What’s more, when we’re using double our senses, aren’t we doubling our appreciation of the media too?

The different formats of music production enables people of all generations and walks of life to appreciate music – and isn’t that the most important thing? Vinyl exists for the real purists who enjoy the crackle on the record player, the cassette tape for those of us with cars stuck in the 90s, and the download for that song you love but don’t want the whole album. The CD, however, transcends all of these – it appeals to everyone from teenagers in bands looking to promote their music, to grannies and grandpas listening to a piece of classical music at home.