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Productivity and efficiency can bring a lot to the table. A productive workplace ensures that you are reaching your organizational or business goals, meeting quotas, and directing all your resources towards targets. Meanwhile, efficiency through standardized and automated processes can help cut and save on crucial resources such as manpower, time, and money. The same can be said when it comes to creating presentations for business.


If you find yourself doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again, you’re not making good and full use of your time. These repetitive tasks can be automated, or in the case of documents and presentations, you can easily use templates.

Wide Array of free PowerPoint Presentation Templates

With thousands of presentation templates available for PowerPoint, (aka Free PowerPoint Templates) offers ease, convenience, productivity, and efficiency for anyone in need of a professional looking presentation deck.

FPPT has a wide array of free PowerPoint templates and presentation themes, from single slide templates for elaborate visuals that are otherwise difficult and time-consuming to make, to comprehensive full slideshows that are just waiting for you to simply type in your content.

Since presentations need to be effective, interesting, and convincing, while providing all the relevant information you need to know, the challenge now is in keeping a balance between the right amount of data and the right amounts of aesthetic elements. You have to keep things easy on the eyes, readable, and lively, while still delivering the information you need to deliver. This can be difficult for those who are not used to creating presentations, and those who consider themselves “experts” may also stumble from time to time.

Therefore, having reliable, well-made PowerPoint presentation templates can greatly help you achieve your goals and get the job done.

Free & Eye-Catching Business Chart Template

One great example of a stunning PowerPoint template you can find at is this business template with a chart background. This template is themed and designed specifically for business and financial presentations. It can suit presentations related to financial health, annual reports, performance metrics, business plans, investments, stocks, budgets, and many other similar topics.

From the first slide, which is the title slide, you can easily catch the eye of your audience because of its red theme. In this title slide, there is a curved and swooping red shape that fills the bottom of the slide, revealing a close-up image of a chart and pen. The image shows movement and data, and the contrasts of colors in blue and red also shows aesthetic points of interest.

Google Slides 1

Going into the template, you can see that the inside slides have the same theme and images; the chart serving as a border to frame the slides. The inside slides have three different looks giving you variety as you choose your own layouts and insert various data and visuals in the slides. To add new slides, just go to the Home menu and click on New Slide to populate a range of different layouts. Another alternative is to go to the Insert menu and click on New Slide from there.

What’s even great about this free template is that it can also be used not only for business, but for school and organizational use. It can suit many subjects in class, such as business, management, economics, accounting, and many more. You can get this template by going to FPPT to download this Free Business Chart PowerPoint Template. Templates are also compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint as well as LibreOffice or OpenOffice, Google Slides and Keynote.

Google Slides

Stylish Keyboard Design Template

Another great template that you can use is this Keyboard Design PowerPoint Template. This free template from is also professionally designed and features a colorful and creative graphic of a computer keyboard. This is a great presentation template to use for decks about social networking, technology, information systems, e-commerce, online shopping, social media, online marketing, and the like.

This free PowerPoint template has a soothing green and blue color scheme that is easy on the eyes, yet vibrant enough to look interesting. The title slide features part of a keyboard, with the ‘Enter’ key edited to display the phrase “social networks” and a mouse pointer over it as well. Beside this key are two more keys that have avatars on them. Right beside this keyboard, on the white space is a placeholder for your title and subtitle, perfectly balancing the look of the slide.

Stylish Keyboard Design Template

The template comes with three more slide designs, and you can incorporate the pre-designed slide layouts in PowerPoint for these slides. This allows you to present your data in many ways, significantly making your whole deck look concise, balanced, and highly informative. The slide layouts allow you to include charts, tables, lists, images, and diagrams to your slides for better display of your information.

You can make use of the same blue and green shades for your color scheme in this slide, but if that’s not your thing, you can opt for other designs, such as the simple black and white. You can also personalize your slideshow by inserting your logo and slogan. Get started with this trendy Keyboard PowerPoint Template by downloading the template via this link.


To download free PowerPoint templates from a collection of more than 9000 templates, visit The collection includes thousands of free templates ready for business presentations including references to other 3rd. party templates, PowerPoint add-ins or even other more advanced templates including the animated PowerPoint templates collection.