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Do Not Wait for Spring to De-clutter Your Home


Everyone knows that ‘spring clean’ is the phrase, but it does not mean you have to wait until spring to get your cleaning done. In fact, any time is a good time to take the plunge and sort through all the clothes, electrical equipment, books and more that gets collected over the years. And aside from clearing some much-needed space within your property, you could also make yourself a little bit of extra cash, help out others and even give your life some clarity, allowing you to make plans for the future.

Clearing space

Whether you want to turn the spare room (or is that the junk area?), into a more useful guest room, clear the decks for some decorating or you just finally have to admit you have too much stuff, de-cluttering is a great way to start making the most of your property. The truth is, living in a more organised space helps you to be more productive and if you spend some time de-cluttering you might just find the space for things you could not have done before, whether that’s room for an arts and crafts area, a small library space or simply somewhere to sit quietly and catch up with correspondence. Not only that, but clearing out your home can help you change your mood too. Too much clutter around you can make you feel disorganised but by getting rid of any old rubbish or unwanted and unused items you no longer need, you will also clear your mind and start to feel lighter.

Make some cash

It is definitely easy to simply put things to one side thinking that it may just come in handy one day. The likelihood is though, it probably won’t. In fact, you are likely to forget you even have it. That bread maker you haven’t taken out the box, those old mobile phone handsets that you kept ‘just in case’ and that laptop that does not work anymore. All these things could actually be making you some money. These days it is easy to sell on lots of unwanted items online. You can sell Blackberry Bold 9780 handsets, old iPhones, laptops, kitchen appliances, even CDs, DVDs and computer games. And you could put that spare cash towards decorating your new space or treating yourself to something lovely.


The credit crunch is still hitting families hard and there are plenty of people who are looking to save some money on everyday items, such as household goods. This means that by donating your unwanted items you could be helping someone else out. Perhaps you have some items that are not worth selling on but still have a good deal of life left in them, if so, think about donating them to a charity organisation. All kinds of items are welcome, from children’s toys and books to pieces of furniture like an old sofa or wardrobe. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.