How to do Disk Cloning

disk cloning

Want to backup your data by copying the whole disk to an external drive or something? Need to format your windows by copying it safely? Then, you should know that disk cloning or copying sometimes leads to a loss of data with the direct method. No matters you continue with the same technique, you may lose the data or may find corrupted files in your copied disk.

To prevent this thing, you might need a client or a tool or software to copy the whole contents of the disk and make it as a original copy without any loss of data. According to my brain I know only one software that is EaseUS software that can perfectly clone your disks/ partition them.

Disk cloning/Disk copy is the process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk or to an “image” file. This may be done straight from one disk to another, but more often, the contents of the first disk are written to image file as an intermediate step, then the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. Typically, this is done for archiving purposes, to restore lost or damaged data, or to move wanted data into a new disk, though other reasons also exist. You shouldn’t use every software to do this, only the trusted ones can do the work!!

Some computer manufacturers used hardware disk copying machines to copy software. This had the disadvantages of copying not just the used data on the disk, but also unused sectors, as the hardware used was not aware of the structures on the disks.

EaseUS Disk Copy Software/Tool

Its s a Reliable disk/partition clone software for home and business users. Sector-by-sector copy method assures you a 100% identical copy to the original. It also has other features like

It does Sector-by-sector copy ,Disk/Partition clone. It supports File-by-file copy from one hardisk to another hardisk. It can also perform System backup and recovery. Can perform SQL/Exchange backup and recovery.Supports hardware RAID, dynamic disc and also Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8. It can Support TB hard disk capacity.

You can download the free version of this software, only some features may not be available to perform your tasks.

My Experience with this software.

My new windows was been attacked with a malware that was ruining all my data , but it cannot do it successfully. Before the virus performs its task I have done with my task by copying all my data safely,fastly and easily with EaseUs software.

One of the best copy tool I have ever appreciated!! Thank you soooo much.