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Digital Signs Aren’t Just For Selling


When you think of digital signs you often picture an advert. Digital signs are fantastic for promoting your products, services and special offers. However, many people don’t realise that they have many more uses other than just selling. Digital signs are extremely useful for a number of different purposes and you can adapt their format to suit your business. Don’t just assume they should always be used for selling, they can enhance your business in other ways.

Digital signs are used in a number of different institutions to convey all sorts of information. When you discover what they can be used for you start to see their real potential. You can literally have whatever you want on your digital sign depending on how you want to communicate with your audience. Here are a few ways in which you can utilise them other than simply selling.


Electronic check-in

Businesses and establishments that require customers to check in can use digital signs to speed up the process. They are used in places such as doctors surgeries and airports. They can help to make checking in a smoother process and provide customers with all the information they need. Once customers have checked in additional useful information can be displayed. For example hotels can display information about local restaurants, the hotel menu or nearby activities.


Digital signs are also often used to provide instructions. This is particularly helpful in busy areas where people need clear directions and instructions about where to go and what to do, such as airports and large venues. Some of the larger football and rugby stadiums will use digital signs to direct crowds to the correct area before and after games. According to digital signage screen provider Allsee Technologies Ltd this is especially useful for hospitals and other medical practices. “Medical establishments often need to give patients specific instructions based on their needs. For example, they may fill out basic medical information on a digital sign which will then show them where to go.”.

Alert and emergency messages

Another important use for digital signs is emergency messages and alerts. Crucial information can be displayed throughout a building within a matter of seconds. As more information is gathered about the problem signs can be instantly edited to include the most up to date information. This is helpful because people can quickly see what they need to do and how to get to safety. Signs can be installed at key locations throughout a building where people are most likely to see them. According to a recent article in the Campus Safety Magazine “…a post- Virginia Tech incident report named digital signage as one of the most effective methods for delivering emergency notices to the student body inside buildings”


Educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities can also benefit from digital signs. They are often used in education to help students learn and provide them with engaging and interactive learning experiences. Universities often use them to provide students with information about lectures, seminars and university events.

Income stream

Many companies take advantage of having their own digital signs and get other companies to advertise on them. This provides a nice additionl income stream. If you know you won’t be using your signs all the time you can still make money from them by getting other businesses to pay to advertise on your screens.