Data Recovery and the Benefits of using EaseUS

easeus technected

Most of us has accidently deleted a document or file on our computers. Easy fix right? Just go look in your recycle bin. But what do you do when it’s not there? An excel spreadsheet with all your company’s most valuable clients, gone. And you have no idea where it went.

Or has your operating system decided it had enough and don’t perform as reliable as it used too? External Hard drive telling you that it has no data stored, but you can remember last time you checked, all your family holiday photos was stored on there?

Data loss can certainly send people into a frenzy, especially if it is important work or irreplaceable family videos and photos. Image recovery is one of the most searched recovery phrases on google.

Luckily there exist recovery software, like EaseUS or Recuva from Piriform, which helps you recover data when it goes missing, from emails, to music, and everything in between, like documents and images.

Whether the loss of information happened on your laptop, desktop, external hard drive, sd memory cards or whatever data storage device you use, it can definitely be recovered, even if you accidently formatted said device.

easeus technected

Take EaseUS for example.

EaseUS has an abundance of features like deleted recovery and format recovery, what most other data recovery software simply can not compete against.

You can, what they call, “Preview before Recovery”, which means exactly that. You can choose file types to scan for, such as recover deleted photos, or you can even use search criteria like date, file name or type, which obviously speeds up the process. After the search, you can preview the file details and quality and decide if you want to recover the files or not.

Another useful feature of EaseUS is that when they designed the Recovery Program, they knew not all people are IT wizards.  It has step by step guidance, which even the most tech unsavvy person can follow.

EaseUS offers three packages, so however unique your situation may be, EaseUS has got you covered.

Although EaseUS is a bit on the expensive side, it offers more than most other Recovery Software providers. You can’t put a price on important data. You also get free lifetime technical support, and any future upgrades is included in the price as well.

If you are not completely sure if it’s worth it, EaseUS offers a free trail version as well for you to try out before you buy.

Whether you choose EaseUS, or any other Data Recovery Software, rest assured and know that your images, documents or emails can certainly be recovered.

So next time when those tech gremlins strike, and formats your hard drive without permission, or your iPhone decides to go on the fritz, or you just plain had a blond moment and accidently deleted all of your files, don’t pull your hair out of your head. All’s not lost and can easily be recovered by a Data Recovery Tool.