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Customer Confidence – Why SSL is Essential for a Business Website?

Any business has to have the confidence of its customers or clients in order to make a success of things but today there are more aspects to this than ever before. In the past, face to face human interaction might well have been the biggest factor in determining whether you trusted another person or company but today online activities bring their own advantages and complications in equal measure.


Online connections

The whole basis of the Internet is about making connections easier and that is where a business has to pay great attention to getting things right.

Today’s consumers expect fast and efficient dealings, whether that means getting an instant response over social media or being able to make an online purchase as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Making sure that web interfaces feature streamlined and user-friendly design is essential in order to take full advantage of the work it took to get someone to visit your site in the first place.

SSL Security


As well as having a product or service that someone wants to buy, a business has to make sure that customers have the confidence to go through with an online transaction.

Giving personal and financial details to make a purchase online is something that we are all used to nowadays but scare stories and personal experience of cyber-theft and fraud are important factors that need to be taken into account.

Most people are becoming more internet savvy and so the telltale signs that a website uses safety processes, such as SSL, are being recognized by an increasing number of users; the way the padlock symbol in a browser changes from open to closed or whether a web address starts with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ are now obvious markers that customers now look for.

Making sure that the online experience your business provides appears secure can be the difference between converting a visit to your site into a successful sale and losing out to a competitor. This is why you should speak to specialist security firms such as Symantec about SSL security and other online security measures you can take.

Keys and certificates

The twin aspects of encryption keys and safety certificates that SSL processes use means that information can be transmitted in a secure environment that protects both parties from malicious hackers or scammers.

Giving your customers the knowledge that they are viewing an authorized website not only helps make the Internet a safer place but also gives your business a distinct advantage over rivals.