Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – eSports and Betting

CS: GO is one of the few first-person shooters that has managed to become an official eSport. Millions of dollars can be won with each of its official competitions – and, now that the game has become free to play, we think that we’ll see more and more teams trying to become the very best.

On the other hand, a bet on eSport can be as significant as a win in a certain competition/ event/ tournament. ESport teams can work for months and even years until they get to see their first prize – while a bettor only has to make a correct prediction in order to change the amount of pocket-money he/ she has available in a month.

Of course, more pocket-money is only the beginning of a successful bettor – a consistent betting schedule can make a bettor as rich as the teams that compete in the World Championship.

Therefore, if you want to engage in some CS: GO betting, then stick with us as we’ll shortly present you our CS: GO betting guide.

How to Pick the Winner?

Predicting which team is going to win is hard, especially if the first match you bet on is of a higher rank – meaning that the two teams are equally strong. However, if you take the right things into consideration, this can get much easier.

Let’s take a look at the things you have to check before making a prediction and placing a bet.

  • Past Match Results

if the two teams you are thinking to place a bet on have played before, then it is recommended that you check their history; basically, see how they perform against each other, as this can give you valuable insight on which team is actually better.

  • Map Success

usually teams are better on certain maps; this is why you should always check a team’s history in regard to the maps they are best on.

  • Event Format

in terms of event format, we have the best of 1 and up until the best of 5. Naturally, the best of 1 format comes with a higher chance of an unexpected result, while the best of 2 format makes for a more reliable bet. When it comes to the best of 3 and of 5, keep in mind that both teams have equal chances of winning and that they can always recover from a loss.

  • Lineup Consistency

teams usually change their players between matches; check if the current lineup has high chances of winning and place your bet carefully if it contains one player that didn’t perform so well in the past.

  • Travel Distance

naturally, the distance the teams had to travel for a certain event is important, unless they are competing online. Remember that jet lag can affect a professional player more than it affects a person traveling for holidays.

  • Individual Player Statistics

before betting, make sure that you are aware of what each player in a team is capable of. CS: GO is a team game, and synergy between the players of the same team is a must.

  • Past Matches Performance

obviously, you do want to take a look at the way your favorite team has performed in past matches; this can give you solid clues on whether to place your bet or wait for their next match.

Moreover, remember that a prediction does not always come true – if that’s the case, you don’t have to get all salty.

Instead, try to learn more about the teams that are competing and about their odds – you can also rely on the communication with the betting industry for more valuable information.