Counter-Strike Global Offensive 2v2 Update

The first phase of HTC Counter-strike: Global Offensive 2v2 tournaments have passed. If you wanted a break from the ESL and other standard five versus five tournaments, well you got one. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can still find it on Youtube or saved on a streaming site.

It was interesting and had a lot of exciting moments. Maybe it’s because we are used to too much five versus five and not enough two versus two tournaments. Here are the tournament’s results:

The Playoffs

In the first day, we had two groups, group A and group B. In group A we had FaZe Clan, North, NatusVincere and Team Secret. In group B we had Space Soldiers, Heroic, Team EnVyUs and G2 eSports.

Out of these two groups, FaZe Clan and Space Soldiers were the first teams to be qualified.

What to Expect?

Many of us are rooting for FaZe Clan, but we can know for sure who will win in the end. Let’s face it; these teams are packed with high skilled players that could aim a grenade with their Desert Eagle from half of the map. Somehow, we are looking more towards this tournament than any major five v five eSports event.

Are There Any Other Tournaments Using This Format?

There are a few, but they are not that popular like this one. Face IT used to organize some tournaments based on the two versus two formats a couple of years back.

You might have more luck with ESL or other organizers to form a two versus two tournaments, just don’t expect a million dollar prize pools.

What About One versus One Tournaments?

Again, check ESL. Some small organizers can stream the matches or even offer a place to start a tournament. You might have to move your gaming rigs to that location, set it, get your coach or manager to watch over you and all that.

Again, the pay is small, and you might end up doing it more for the views and fun.

Are There Any High-Tier Organizers That Would Want This Type of Tournament?

If you are referring to ESL, Dreamhack or Intel-like organizers, promoters or even financial supporters, then the answer is no. The standard five versus five is still too popular to not focus on, and there is a lot of money involved in these tournaments. There are talks about it, but no substantial evidence.

Besides, the two versus two style is just a niche and should be treated like one. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game made for five versus five matches. However, we do want a ten versus ten or a fifteen versus fifteen player match-up. Nothing serious, but a mix of pro players playing CS: GO as Battlefield.


Maybe in the future, we can bet on one versus one or ten versus ten matches. For now, if you want a secure site for eSports betting, search for “ esport betting.”It’s safe, easy to learn and accessible and it accepts bitcoins and skins. So, go for it!