Could Fallout 76 Rely On Creation Club?

Who’d of thought that we’d be getting a new Fallout announcement so soon? The surprise announcement came as a complete shock to pretty much everyone. If Bethesda was going to announce anything, surely it would have been an Elder Scrolls game. Although who knows, maybe they have something else up their sleeve for E3?

Just in case you didn’t know, Bethesda is making their appearance on June 10th, where they are planning to show off some more information regarding Fallout 76. Whilst a lot of fans have been speculating online, some unconfirmed information has spread like wild fire around the web.

An anonymous user of 4chan has claimed to have some inside knowledge on Bethesda and what they are actually planning on doing with Fallout 76. Amongst some of these things was the location, which was said to be West Virginia with a multiplayer mode, potentially being a first for Bethesda games.

One more important thing stated in this ‘leak’ was that Bethesda may plan on scrapping third party mods all together, instead focusing on the Creation Club. As you probably already know, right now it’s possible to head to Nexus Mods on PC and download any mod you want free of charge.

Bethesda have been pushing out Creation Club as much as possible, trying to get it to stand up on its own two feet. In the Creation Club, users can pay for high quality mods, thought to basically be mini DLC. Whilst Fallout & Skyrim are truly brilliant games, they rely heavily on the mod scene, and would lose a lot of players without. There are mods available for literally every aspect of the game, the team and PwrDown showcased some great Fallout 4 survival mods that you could try.

You may remember a few years back, when Bethesda first introduced paid mods for Skyrim on the workshop. It was met with pretty heavy backlash from the community and removed shortly after. Since then, Bethesda have slowly been reworking the system to be more accepted by the community. Has it worked? Maybe.

If the rumours are true and you can only get mods through creation club, there will certainly be a lot of backlash and people refusing to purchase the game. A lot of players are going to stand down and refuse to spend money on any mods. PC Players will likely be a bit more fortunate than console, as work arounds will surely become available. All of this is just speculation of course, we have to wait until the actual announcements at E3!