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Cool Apps You Should Install On Your PC

There are so many things we can do with computers. The key is to find the right applications that will unlock these capabilities.

There is an application that you can find out there that will do the stuff you want – from productivity software to lifestyle-oriented applications. Below are some cool applications that you should download and install on your PC:


Cloud storage has revolutionized file management. Gone are the days of forgetting to bring a file with you. When it comes to cloud storage services, Dropbox leads the pack. It has simplified cloud storage to the bare fundamentals, which makes it an extremely useful utility for anyone. You can use it for work, for your business or even for personal use as a way to access your photos, music, and video files.

Plants Vs Zombies

Way before Angry Birds came into the picture, Plants Vs Zombies was THE game to play on your PC and mobile devices. There’s good reason for this game becoming such a phenomenal hit – the mechanics are so easy and yet the actual game is so full of strategic depth.  It takes a lot of time to really master the game but it’s not so hard that you’ll tear your hair off in frustration. The game is also so addictive that it’s hard to put down once you start playing.


Getting music online is a sensitive topic especially with the issue of piracy. Bearshare is a file sharing application that gives you access to over 15 million songs and videos. The application itself is more than just a file sharing app. You can use it to sync your digital files with your iPod, listen to online stations and even share information with your friends. You can download the application at


With so many video file formats coming out, it’s hard to keep tabs of everything and make sure that you have the right codec to run a digital file. But if you have VideoLAN or more popularly known as VLC player installed on your computer, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. VLC Player effortlessly runs all video and audio files regardless of the kind of codec used to encode the file. It’s also a very light application – it doesn’t hog system resources like other media players – which makes it a cool addition to your PC.  What’s more, VLC Player is absolutely free. It also gets regular updates so it just gets better and better.


Losing your laptop is a major hassle. You not only lose an expensive piece of hardware, but you also potentially lose data stored in it. Fortunately, there is a cool application/service called Prey that comes to the rescue. Prey is an application that can track down your laptop (or even mobile phone!) if it has been stolen. It is an awesome program that has geo-tracking capabilities so you’ll know where your laptop is. There is also a feature that will turn on the webcam so you can spy on the thief and then send it to the police. You’d think that Prey is a paid app given its wonderful capabilities. Although it has a paid plan option, the basic services – which would be enough for anyone – is absolutely free.


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