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Comindware Tracker – Task Management and Workflow Management under the Same Roof

comindware tracker

If you look at the variety of web apps available nowadays, about 80-90% of them will feature collaboration as their key feature. And rightly so. We are way past the age of emailing endlessly and continuously meeting each other to get work done. Now, we just want to use the internet to share our ideas with our colleagues, instead of on white boards in meetings.

One way to work seamlessly with your team and manage time more effectively is to use Comindware Tracker – a web-based solution that helps you automate your workflow with an integrated task management system. It is estimated that tasks can help solve about 10% problems of small businesses. The other 90% could be solved by processes and workflows.

This business process software allows you to manage both your working processes and to-do lists. It can be used to keep yourself and your team mindful of the workload and what tasks you are working on, plan your employees’ efforts and time, discuss and share ideas, keep all discussions in one place, keep data regarding a specific work item in one place, and access work items from anywhere through any device.

You will also be able to work through the hiring process more effectively. Hiring process management with Comindware Tracker allows you to clearly see what stage the candidate is in the hiring process – whether he is awaiting the decision of the manager or his contract is being reviewed. Furthermore, you will be able to easily see all his documents in one place.

Comindware Tracker is beneficial for employees too as it allows project and department employees to communicate with each other through task management and workspaces. They can use Comindware Tracker to contribute to discussions through comments and manage their personal tasks. Deadlines can be met more effectively due to workflow automation that provides more control and visibility to processes.

Essentially, there are two components of Comindware Tracker – task management and workflow creation. When you have created a workflow and an item in that workflow changes its state, a task is assigned to the individual responsible automatically. As a result, you won’t have to uselessly send emails back and forth and it will eliminate guesswork.

The solution also provides sample workflow templates for various activities, including office management, IT helpdesk, human resources and software development. You also have the option to create your own template through a simple drag-and-drop process, so you don’t need to have any knowledge of coding.

Comindware allows you to sign up for a 30-day trial before purchasing it. During your trial period, you can get plenty of sample data and support to help you make your decision.