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Cloud vs Dedicated – Which Is Cheaper At Scale?

With the overall number of offline and online businesses increasing in Europe and business operational cost on the upsurge, the need to choose a cost effective data host has become imperative. As a solution to this problem, many server providers are providing intelligible data server solutions namely Cloud and Dedicated Servers to suit the data needs of their clients.

When therefore choosing which server provider is best to settle for, your decision should be based not only from looking at the efficiency and effectiveness of the chosen server provider, but also looking at the overall cost of each service the server provides. Having simple and basic knowledge of your server in terms of what it is, how it works and the merits and demerits can also help you to settle on a cheaper and more valid option.

Cloud and Dedicated Server in General

Cloud Server: Is one of the most popular ways of hosting data. It is a virtual server that allows an individual to access his or her personal, business and company data/information via the internet or via a cloud computing platform. With a cloud server, you can store, manage and process your data in the internet and specifically via a distant computer other than your own. What makes Cloud server popular is that you don’t need to maintain or but server software and resources; the service provider does everything for you.


When it comes to security, a cloud server allows you to maintain your workload in case there is a hardware failure. What makes this possible is that it depends on multiple nodes to function, not one.

Dedicated Server: as a traditional form of hosting data where a physical computer is set aside to serve the network needs of an organization or business. For instance, a dedicated server may be purchased or rented to serve the financial, communication or printer resource needs of an organization. This server usually requires one to have or hire a competent IT expert.

Cost Scale Difference: Cloud verse Dedicated Server


Generally, servers are priced differently depending on the type, services offered and customer preferences.

  • When it comes to pricing, dedicated servers maintenance costs are usually high and also dependent on the component resources purchased to address the specific user needs. This means that every month you will be required to fully pay for software and hardware of your server regardless of the difference between server resource you have acquired and resource used. Some organizations choose the dedicated server option because of the security that comes with managing their own data.
  • Contrary to the latter fact, cloud Servers only charged for the computer resources and storage one has used. This means that you will not pay for the extra cost of unused server resources.


  • When it comes to control of a server, there are some people that prefer the dedicated server over the Cloud server. That is because with dedicated server, you have complete control of application, programs and resources of your server. Cloud server is limited in control and sometimes limited terms of services provided. You may therefore pay less to use cloud server but suffer more because of not fully addressing your data management issues.
  • In terms of the ability to increase work load on a server, there are some excellent cloud servers that have scalable storage, CPU and technical resources that allow you to increase the storage capacity of your server.


There are numerous Europe based dedicated servers and cloud servers to choose from when it comes to selecting a low cost server solution to settle your data needs. Before settling on which one to use, you may want to either look at the merit and demerits that each server provides or on the other hand, settle on a premium server after estimating your current data needs upon the future need of your organization or business.