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Cloud Tools That can help you with your Presentations

cloud tools for presentations

The previous post we discussed business tools that every business can benefit from. In this post we will take a look at some tools that can help you to make more effective presentations.

Presentations have changed

There is no doubt that presentations in the business world have changed markedly over the years. No longer is it always enough to simply monologue your way to stakeholder engagement. Nowadays you need to be far more interactive in the way information is put across. You need to be a more effective presenter. You need to be able to engage with people through your presentation and sense the mood that is developing. With this in mind let’s take a look at 3 terrific tools to help you in your goal of more effective presentations.

Cloud presentation systems

These days the technology that we use to present is beyond what could have been conceived a couple of decades ago. We can network in everyone in a meeting so that they can pop information onto the presentation screen. We can stream videos directly from the Internet.

A new and natural evolution of presentation technology is simple connection to the cloud. UK presentation system vendor Videonations believe that “the cloud is going to become increasingly important to presentations. Presentation technology that can tap directly into the cloud means that collaborators around the world can share information directly into a presentation. As the world becomes a smaller place information flow needs to be as easy as possible.”

Having a presentation setup that taps directly into the cloud is an incredibly useful tool for any business. When you are presenting you should be sharing information as you go with teams inside and outside the meeting, and receiving information worthy of incorporation into the presentation as you go as well. By developing a knack for using the cloud in your presentations you will increase stakeholder buy in, and improve the quality of your presentations.


Consider using Prezi

Prezi is a cloud-based tool for creating effective presentations. It is excellent for distance based presentations. When you are actually presenting you can use the tool to zoom in to key elements of a presentation, and can even rotate and resize elements through presentation. The tool enables effective collaboration by allowing up to 10 users to login and engage with your presentation. In addition the software can be installed on an iPad if you want to do one-to-one presentation with a key stakeholder.

The presentations produced with Prezi‘look and feel’ good, and it is an excellent tool for making you a more effective distance presenter.



This is an incredibly effective tool for distance presentations. As it is fully cloud-based it can be used on mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs. It is free for meetings up to 3 people, and offers video chat functionality. If you haven’t tried it before then do so for your next distance meeting.

Whether you are conducting in-person or distance presentations it is crucial that you use the technology at your disposal to increase interactivity and engages richly as possible with the presentation stakeholders. These 3 tools will help you do so.