Cloud Storage Keeps Everyone Connected

cloud keeps everyone connected

Cloud storage is the newest frenzy in the tech world because it keeps offices connected and maintains important data with easy accessibility. Many companies are continuing to develop a cloud network that will keep them connected whether they are mobile or at the office. Companies are also beginning to store general files on the cloud so the data is reachable by anyone who needs to access it at the time. Some of the leading cloud services include Google Drive, Drop Box, and Skydrive.

Cloud Storage not only presents connectivity but a safety net in business as well. Cloud storage can hold any type of file, from zipped packages to an array of photos. Uploading a file from the office can be accessed through your smartphone on the way home; groups of people continue to stay connected through this method. The cloud is also a safety net, if one’s phone breaks or computer breaks then the file that would usually not be able to be retrieved can be found on cloud storage. Many people keep their most important files on the cloud so they can’t be destroyed even if their computer malfunctions.

Apps for the Cloud

Most cloud services have apps that you can download that enable continuous smartphone connectivity. These cloud service applications make accessibility very easy and keeps reachable communication between all collaborators. Google Play and iTunes allows both Apple and Android users to download cloud service apps to their smartphone. Google Drive allows users to upload photos, videos, and files to the cloud directly from their phones and computers.



Pokki permits PC users to download their favorite apps to their desktop. The free service keeps you updated with notifications on your favorite apps, including new emails or an incoming tweet from Twitter. It also has the ability to pin apps to your desktop toolbar including Gmail so you can always stay connected with the people in your network.


Some cloud services have more storage than others. Google Drive grants 5 GB for free which is a great amount. Drop Box is a top of the line service as well and offers 2.25 GB of storage for free users. Keeping a cloud of storage and communication can bring a group of people a long way while assisting individual users in endless ways. Data and information stored on the cloud can now be found directly on your desktop with the download of the appropriate apps.