How Can Businesses Achieve Recognition for Top-Notch Practices?

Every year, there are numerous awards that are given out both locally and nationally to businesses that provide goods and services. When a company receives an award from a local or national establishment, it can be quite a boon for business. This recognition can be very important to companies for establish trust, building awareness, and generating sales. Let’s explore some of the main factors involved in achieving recognition.

Understand Your Customers

First and foremost, it’s important for businesses to give proper recognition and credit to their customers. An excellent example of this is the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, which constantly lavish their famed “12th Man” fan base with praise. This, in turn, fuels the fan adoration, creating one of the most rabidly loyal and active fan bases in the world.

All too often, companies fall into the trap of becoming cynical about their customers due to the behavior of a few. For example, retail stores are acutely aware of people who try to take advantage of stores by shoplifting. However, in these cases, the biggest danger for retail companies is to treat all customers with suspicion. This foundation of customer trust is so important, that awards are given to companies who understand customers and their needs, and treat them with a high level of respect and service.

Strive For Excellence

Customers want a product or service that’s dependable. Unfortunately, there are times when a product or service does not work as intended. This is a normal part of operating a business; mistakes happen, oversights are made, and defects can rear their ugly heads. However, the key is not in preventing these mistakes (though that’s always ideal), but rather how a company responds to them.

Responding with integrity and honesty in a quick, savvy way is the key to establishing and building trust and brand loyalty that earns recognition. It’s not necessarily excellence that achieves recognition, but rather the relentless and clear pursuit of it.

Make Your Employees Happy

One of the common factors of companies that have received recognition and awards is that happy employees work for them. There are many things that a business can do in order to make employees happy. After all, happy employees work better and harder compared to those who aren’t happy.

Happy employees generally result from a favorable and competitive wage structure, followed by secondary factors such as company culture, autonomy, and perks such as working from home.

But that’s not all; sometimes, the little things can make an employee happy. A free pizza lunch for employees that surprises them is one way that management can show that they are appreciated. Perhaps a trophy for each member of the company’s best department. Friendly managers who strive to train, teach, and help their employees are held in high regard, and result in happier employees; employees are always willing to work better and faster for a manager they respect.


Recognition and awards go a long way in terms of company success. When recognition comes, the basic focus should always be focused back on the customers. Ultimately, the customers make a business, so it’s important to let them know they feel appreciated. Just like the Seahawks’ 12th Man fan base, businesses that understand the importance of  customer appreciation and recognition will achieve happier, more loyal customers.