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Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

The new SoundLink Wireless Speaker from Bose is designed to provide a largely unprecedented balance between portability, convenience and sound quality. To a surprising degree, it absolutely succeeds.

Bose Soundlink Mobile Speaker


This portable speaker from Bose gives you the ability to play audio from any phone, laptop, tablet or other device that features Bluetooth connectivity without needing to connect the speaker to the device with a cable. The system is relatively small, weighing only about three pounds and measuring about 9.6 inches broad, 5.1 inches high and 1.9 inches high. The size and shape of a small book, the speaker system fits conveniently into a purse, backpack or briefcase. In spite of its compact size, however, Bose’s reputation forimpeccablesound quality is obvious even with this small portable unit. It offers impressive bass performance and audio clarity, no matter what the sound volume, with no noticeable distortion or fuzziness.

Some Bluetooth speakers require you to go through a relatively complicated network setup process before you can use them. For the SoundLink system, however, the connection process for streaming audio to the speaker system is very straightforward and user-friendly. The unit can then remember up to six different devices, automatically connecting when it finds one turned on nearby. Of course, you canalsodisconnect and reconnect to these devices manually if you wish. The speakers have a range of about 30 feet from the device to which they are connected. It’s perfect for when friends are over, they can hook their iphone directly into the Soundlink’s bluetook feed and play music from their library! It blew me away.The SoundLink Wireless Speakers contain a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This allows you to play the speakers for up to 8 hours without stopping before the batteries have to be recharged. Of course, the exact amount of play time the batteries can provide depends on the volume at which you use the speakers. Bose includes an adapter to plug the unit into a wall outlet, allowing you to recharge it while still playing sound if you wish. The battery will fully charge in under three hours. An adapter to charge the unit in the car is available separately. Its self-contained protective case unfolds to act as a built-in speaker stand, which means you can take the speakers anywhere without damaging them and without having to carry a lot of bulky accessories and attachments with you.You can use the SoundLink speaker system to play audio from older devices that may not include Bluetooth capability simply by plugging them into the system’s auxiliary input. It also contains a USB port to allow you to update the system’s software as necessary.

The base model of the SoundLink system costs about $299.95. The premium model features a black steel grille with a pure brushed chrome color scheme, and costs about $349.95. The basic model comes with a nylon case cover, while the premium model features a brown leather cover. However, you can replace either cover version with a variety of other covers and materials for an additional charge, and those can be found here at Your Electronic Warehouse. Although this price scheme runs a bit higher than some of the speaker system’s competitors, the quality of its construction and performance more than makes up for it.