Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review


A professional or a computer savvy in the online world always has a requirement that can never be surrendered, the need for an internet security suite. In the virtual world, one cannot be free from hackers, which are keen on acquiring your data. However, most of the antivirus products in the market are bit annoying and not up to the mark. That is why Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 is acclaimed by those who look for perfect antivirus software.

Let us see why Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 is considered as the most efficient antivirus:


All one expects from an antivirus software is to do an excellent job when it comes to detecting the virus, and Bitdefender excels in this area.

Award Winner

You can find the software being credited with certifications and awards from various test labs for its superior virus detection. All the communications of the PC are monitored and scanned in real time by Bitdefender.

Three Level Scanning

Bitdefender scans the system in three levels.  At first, the security suite scans for the virus that is known. The software has a list of virus and has a collection of cures in the cloud. The unknown threats are secluded and corralled in the second stage. After this, the software keeps a watch on these viruses to see if they communicate with any of the files and the known viruses.

BD Internet Security

Gamer Mode Option

When there is no threatening behavior, the virus is left to operate and in case of the virus being a threat, the application is wrecked by the software. Most of the times, the firewall is put off when people play games to ensure the gaming experience is not interrupted. When you turn on the Bitdefender in the gamer mode, then you can have a firewall and security features on full swing and still your gaming experience face no interruptions.

Complete Browsing Protection

When you are too obsessed with your social networking sites, then you can trust Bitdefender to offer full protection. All the links are filtered by this software and the real domain name of the fraudulent websites too are identified. The software also lets you know how secure any site is. A score is allotted to each of the site when a search engine is used.

Easy Parental Control

You can have full control over what your child sees on the internet. You can decide what phrases, sites, and words should be flagged using the parental control. All the unauthorized access to the system is stopped, USB is scanned and secured web browser is offered when you shop or bank in your computer, if you use Bitdefender internet security suite for securing your privacy.


Internet security is offered without having a hit on the performance of the computer. The popular third party test lab, AV test from Germany has certified Bitdefender to be the perfect software for securing computer from online hackers. The software also offers anti-phishing features, which is excellent. Complete monitoring and parental control and the firewall security are robust enough to withstand any direct attack.


Only a few setbacks do exist. If the system is affected by malware, installation is a bit tougher. Another drawback is that you do not have ultimate password management control.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender security suite comes as a big package, but it does not affect the performance of your system. Also, you would not be disturbed with prompts and queries often. You can view and take action at your leisure. This is the best thing you can give to your computer.