Bitcoin Is The Best-Known As The Digital Form of Payment

Bitcoin Is The Best-Known As The Digital Form of Payment

Bitcoins are not printed physically; they are created by many users worldwide with computer computing power and kept in a digital wallet.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin, founded the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009 out of distrust of the banks and the current currency and money system.

There are currently around 17.7 million bitcoins in circulation with a market capitalization of around USD 100 billion. Within 5 years, the value of a bitcoin grew from 0.5 cents to over € 5,000. At the end of December 2017, the value of a bitcoin was over $ 20,000 with a market cap of $ 170 billion. There are many people who become millionaires after investing in bitcoin.

Difference Between Bitcoin And Normal Money

Cryptocurrencies enable digital payment transactions without central administrations. A basic difference between bitcoin currencies and normal cash is that in case of bitcoin currencies human beings can form groups such as banks or governments. They are not alone capable to accelerate or influence the production of money units. Inflation is practically impossible. Another major difference is the creation process of cryptocurrencies.

Since the cryptocurrencies only exist digitally and are not printed in comparison to normal money, the creation process is also different. One speaks here of the so-called “mining”

Invest In Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin investments and investments in cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative. The cryptocurrency market is just beginning and many revolutionary innovations will be created there in the next 5-10 years. You can invest in Bitcoin by buying Bitcoins yourself or by mining or creating them. With new cryptocurrencies, there are different options from participation, coin purchase to price speculation.

Bitcoin Mining

As Bitcoin mining to describe the process as Bitcoins arise. In the previous currency systems, central banks print the money. Bitcoin does not create physical money, but purely digital money. Bitcoins result from the fact that users provide computing power for the benefit of all users in the blockchain network.

Mine Bitcoins (Mines)

There are two different ways to mine bitcoins yourself.

  1. You buy the necessary hardware and make the computing power available to the blockchain network. However, this requires extensive technical knowledge and a very affordable electricity price.
  2. The alternative to this is so-called cloud mining or mining pools.

Bitcoin cloud mining makes it easier to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Cloud mining providers provide computing power for a fee and so you can easily “create” bitcoins yourself from home without having to buy mining hardware or software. The cloud mining providers have access to very cheap electricity prices.

Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoins has long been considered play money for geeks.  The market cap is now over USD 100 billion and the oldest and best-known cryptocurrency is now taken much more seriously. Bitcoins can be bought on Bitcoin marketplaces or Bitcoin exchanges. A digital wallet, known as the wallet, is then required to store the bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin – Trading – Invest

There are several ways to buy or invest in Bitcoin. You can do that at Depending on the lever, you can only trade a fraction of the actual value of Bitcoin here. Depending on the level of the lever, you can also participate in the Bitcoin price developments without buying Bitcoin directly. On the other hand, you can generate a lot of Bitcoin or money with very little effort.

The user receives a “reward” for the computing power provided. The amount of the reward depends on the computing capacity provided. Mining is therefore a kind of decentralized data center that includes all users. No user is in control of the network. Bitcoins are therefore generated purely by the users and their computer computing power.

Whoever understands how the general monetary system works, who benefits from it and who manipulates it has an advantage. You will also understand why exactly these interest groups, such as politics, banks etc., have absolutely no interest in more people and companies using unregulated currencies. Decentralized markets cannot be manipulated and cannot be regulated.

This means that the user is completely free to use his / her means, taxation by the state will be very difficult.

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