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Biggest Video Competitions From Around The World [An Infographic]

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When you’re completely into the world of video games, you tend to have a lot of dreams. And, one of them will be to have a job that lets you play games all the day. Unfortunately, not many people get that awesome opportunity. But, don’t worry, you have the second best option — Video Game Competitions. Not many do know this, but every year, the world sees multiple video game competitions that offer amazing prizes and a brand-new feeling. It doesn’t matter which genre you’re into — be it Action, Racing, MMOG or Survival —, there are always some video competitions to look forward to.

Seattle, USA hosts one of the biggest competitions in the world, attracting DOTA 2 players from around the globe. With a winner’s prize of $10,806,301, The International DOTA 2 Video Game Competition is something that every enthusiastic DOTA player has in bucket-list. Even as it comes to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Halo World Championship or Crossfire Stars, you can find the spirt and the varying odds of winning. Spread across the globe, these video gaming competitions bring an impressive community of enthusiastic gamers. Every year, every competition expects new winners — with bigger and better perks.

You can be one of them! Want to check out the best and biggest video game competitions around you? MrGamez has covered the 17 Biggest Video Competitions in the world that lets you show off your skills in PlayStation, PC and Xbox gaming through this infographic.

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