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Best Spiritual Apps For 2016

Spirituality has become a major stress-buster for many people. The world has become a highly competitive space with very little compassion and trust among the people which leave most of the people completely frustrated even over trivial matters. Since there’s no explanation for what makes them think and act the way they do, they have turned into Spirituality, where one tries to find more about self through various mediums. Now Spirituality seeks a new opportunity with humans through the most trending way called Mobile Apps. Here’s a list of 5 of them.

Kasamba App

This one seems to be particularly popular among people who want to get psychic readings on their current and future life. Kasamba is a popular website among those seeking psychic readings and now they have come up with 2 native mobile apps for the popular mobile platforms: Kasamba App for Android and Kasamba App for iPhone. 


Self Healing

This is the perfect app for calming your mind. As the name says, the app suggests many ways for self-healing and follows the Hindu ways of calming the mind. There are options for Prayers, Crystal healing, deep breathing, Aum chanting Mantra recitation, meditations, and touch healing to help you heal yourself. You have sounds that help you heal, online voice and chat sessions for learning how to heal yourself and social media connects are also available in this app. You can even set reminders for regular practice of these therapies for a calmer mind. Self Healing app is available in Google playstore for android phones.

New Age Number

This app works on the basis of numerology and has options for personal readings, daily and monthly readings etc. you can know your future for the year or a month from your iPhone or iPad with New Age Number. There are free readings and subscription based readings based on numerology in this app.

Daily Horoscope 

Daily Horoscope is probably one of the most downloaded apps on Google Store. The app gives your horoscope according to the Zodiac sign and the Chinese horoscope. You can set daily reminders and even scroll back a week’s horoscope if you want to check whether it is good or not. The best part about the app is that unlike most of the other popular apps, it is free for download.



Optimism is another iOS app you can download from iTunes. This is perfect if you suffer from the regular mood swings or depression. The app has some excellent support for combating with depression and similar issues. You can learn what is draining your mental health and develop and monitor a better mental health strategy using this app. The app can help you tackle the initial stages of depression and other mood swings. The app is no alternative to medical methods of tackling mental disorders, though.

Install one of these today to know more about yourself.