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Digitize DVD to MP4 with Best DVD Ripper 2018 [Review & Giveaway]

Digitize DVD to MP4 with Best DVD Ripper 2018

Simply put, the way tech is advancing is always about efficiency and reducing the huge blocks of hardware that came during the digital revolution. From the days of room-sized computers to the era of floppy disks. We are losing it all but only for good. One such segment that is soon going to be a vintage are the DVDs.

What’s going to happen once they are gone. You would want to store everything that lies in them. Pictures, games, movies etc. How do we convert it, save it for further use? The answer is a Ripper. A DVD Ripper basically extracts data from storage mediums like CDs and DVDs and stores it locally on a computer’s hard drive.

You may have a collection of several old DVDs or a set of a new. Considering their fragile nature, you wouldn’t want to always carry them around. It’s the best time, you convert them digitally and make your digital stuff more efficient and sharable. Things stored digitally are more safe and sound than those things resting over the shelf.

We have had a poor experience when trying other DVD ripping tools. Upon asking our readers, we did get to know about the various issues that people face like not able to find the required output, failing to recognize the main title and most importantly very slow during the conversion. A friend even had issues where his PC would heat up because other DVD rippers would consume a lot of CPU usage.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: One stop solution to backup data from DVDs

We recently tested the much popular WinXDVD that is a pioneer in the DVD/video industry. They have struck a chord with users globally with their quality service and the software that’s a one-stop solution for DVD ripping and much more.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is outstanding when it comes to producing quality output irrespective of the nature of your input file. One can easily call their software the best DVD ripper available in the market right now. You may be having a stack of old age and new movies, WinX DVD ripper is the perfect solution to get all of it stored safely and in the high quality on your local storage ready to be shared all over devices.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The software solves all the pain points that users have to deal with when using other DVD rippers. The best part is the variety of support this software has. Users can choose the output from 350+ different extensions catering to various digital devices. Some features that make it the best DVD rippers out there:

  • WinXDVD supports a variety of different input formats of DVD. You name it and the support is available. A damaged DVD, 90s DVDs or a simple music/movie DVD
  • Ability to convert your DVD or folder into numerous supportable output format like Mp4, WMV, MP3 which can be viewed on various digital devices like PC, tablets or mobiles.
  • It can convert content which can be easily played on devices from Apple, Android and even gaming consoles. Choose any format out of 350+ output profiles.
  • As an option. You get to choose from 4 different copy modes. DVD to ISO image, DVD folder, backup main or full title to MPEF2
  • Want support even after final output? WinXDVD allows you to edit output, crop, trim, merge DVD videos and even be able to add subtitles to select audio tracks.

With such striking features, it’s hard to not use this and safely have a backup of our DVDs in output format of our wish suitable to be played on any device. It easily is one of the best DVD rippers of 2018.

Limited time offer: License Giveaway

As of now, you have an amazing chance to get the WinXDVD Platinum Ripper edition for free. Here’s how to get the licence key and way to activate it. You can get the licence key to activate the platinum ripper for FREE!!!

Go to this link: Best DVD ripper 2018: WinXDVD

WinXDvD - License Giveaway

  1. Scroll down and see for the above image on the right side.
  2. Click on the green button that says, “Get Giveaway License”
  3. Your download shall automatically start. It’s a zip file that’s around 30 Mbs that has the licence key, setup file and user guide.

Its available only for a limited time, so hurry up and head to this link and get your chance to activate the licence that will let you Activate Platinum Edition V8.8.1 and Use Full Features for Free.

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Tech

A striking feature is the Level-3 hardware acceleration tech. What this basically prevents your system from consuming too much amount of CPU usage by optimizing the whole process of conversion and storage. The brand realizes how important it is to optimize the memory of output while maintaining the quality of the output.

WinXDvD - Hardware Acceleration WinXDvD - Hardware Acceleration

Guess what? This is the only DVD ripper in the world that can make this happen. When a product is made with such efficiency. You have to give it a try and see it perform the magic.

This feature also allows conversion even if you have a PC that is too old for doing the heavy rendering. While with other DVD rippers, it may be hard to perform tasks parallelly but with WinXDVD, it is extremely easy to do multitasking.

Here is a youtube video that wonderfully demonstrates the performance of WinXDVD platinum Ripper: 

Quick Guide on converting Data from DVD to MP4

Here are a few steps we followed ourselves to safely convert and backup our DVDs on both Windows and MAC.


A DVD already inserted in your system

The latest version of WinXDVD DVD Ripper Platinum. Download it here.

The first process is very basic and applies to both Windows and MAC OS.

For Windows 10

Go to this WinXDVD official page and download winXDVD. Install and launch the software on your system.

  1. Add DVD source location by clicking on the DVD disc icon on the top left.
  2. Select the output format option as MP4 video{codec:h264+aac} available in the general profile section.
  3. Select your destination folder where the output will be stored
  4. Click on RUN and the process of conversion will be initiated. It may take just 5 minutes to convert a usual DVD.

convert Data from DVD to MP4 - windows 10


  1. Download the software from the official site on your MAC
  2. You should have a DVD already inserted, in case your MAC doesn’t have a DVD, connect an external DVD drive that needs to be converted
  3. Launch WinXDVD ripper on MAC. See for the DVD option and click over it to load your content
  4. From the output profile section, Head to General Profile>MP4 video{codec:h264+aac}>OK
  5. Click RUn and the process will start. Apart from the default destination folder you can click on browse and chose the destination folder even before the process starts.

You can also read about each of these processes in depth by reading this  “DVD to MP4” guide..

convert Data from DVD to MP4 - MAC OS


We tried and tested the product and were quite happy with the way it performed. The best part that makes it stand out is how efficiently it performs the conversion. We will highly recommend this product to all our users. You should definitely try and understand the importance of backing up everything that stored in those DVDs. Not to mention, now is the right time as they are also running a giveaway of this best DVD ripper.