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Best Antivirus Solutions for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

antivirus solutions

With the launch of both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the main concern that bothered the developers in the security context is the protection of the operating system. The professionals started scratching their brains as protecting the OS against malware and viruses is not an apparent issue. Just like the reputable software, the malicious software also started growing in terms of quality and quantity making days difficult for the administrators. Therefore, a trenchant antivirus solution with competent  tools has almost become a mandatory. However, these solutions turned out to be  insufficient for the intendment when they stop  at the desktop. As the technology is growing, the developers also noticed that the user expectations are also growing giving them an alluring to access  data from anywhere, at any time, from any device irrespective of the constraints.  To fulfill this, the tools of the anti-virus solution should possess the ability to reconcile without any trade-off in terms of performance and workability.

antivirus solutions

Best Antivirus Suites For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

How did we evaluate the best antivirus suites for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10? We started evaluating based on two different sections. The first section involved testing a desktop environment system (two different desktops, one with Windows 8.1 and one with Windows 10). Both the desktops are connected to the internet to receive updates of the latest program after restoring the factory settings. Each of the desktops is installed with an antivirus suite and has been monitored for the remediation, detection and quarantine capabilities.  The testing is done by sending 25 different malware into the systems using various modes. Though most of the software caught everything, based on the time difference and the accuracy, the scoring was  given after considering packages and extra features.

The second section of the test bed is all about office framework. All the ample antivirus suites were loaded into the PC notebooks and were put to work in a real-life office environment. This section is to check which of the antiviruses are actually efficient enough to protect the users from any kind of viruses and malware along with staying out of the way i.e; without creating any issues in downloading, sending and editing the documents. Points were given for sophistication and functionality, accordingly.

After the evaluation, a list has been prepared by ablution of the score. From the list of few prodigious software that are compatible with both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which  stood out to be the best after the evaluation including Windows defender, Kaspersky Endpoint security for business, McAfee Antivirus plus Symantec End protection for business; Bitdefender  attenuated as an onliest antivirus suite with uncommon pricing, features and  key benefits like Agnostic hypervisor protection, extensive user base enabled for self-learning The Antivirus plus 2015 suite of Bitdefender is available at $29.95 on Herman street. The latest version, Antivirus plus 2016 is even more efficient with zero performance impact. Acquiring GOLD Award for Fastest System Speed, Bitdefender offers you amazing discounts with variable Bitdefender coupon codes ranging from $40-$70, on different products like Total Security, Internet Security, Family Pack 2016 and Bitdefender Sphere.