Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence Used In Marketing

How well are you acquainted with Artificial Intelligence used in marketing? Currently, a lot of people tend to think right away that it’s something that is not only very complicated, but also quite expensive. Yet, AI marketing is becoming a trend, with more and more tools basing themselves on this technology. With this in mind, it is being discussed among marketers how much Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world of digital marketing. To get closer to the answer, we should take a look at its benefits and get a good look at this tech through the artificial intelligence course in bangalore. In this article, we are going to discuss some things that you need to know about Artificial Intelligence marketing, and what kind of changes come along with it.

Identifying your audience a lot better

You will often hear people complaining that AI analytics are way too data-driven. However, if you have any experience with data-driven marketing, you know how valuable it truly is to understanding your customer base and properly targeting your audience. The fact today is that there is a huge focus on personalization, and having the right data is what helps you tailor your content according to particular consumer’s needs.  A lot of companies tend to misconstrue things such as demographics when it comes to presuming what their main audience is going to be because they ignore vital data.

So, if you target the wrong audience, and miss out on the people who would actually be your main customers, your brand can suffer great loses. That is why it is essential to use the best possible way to identify your audience. The great thing about AI analytics is that they aren’t biased according to any societal norms, and through deep learning, they can provide you with just the right metrics that you need in order to make proper and consistent decisions.

The more searches, the better analytic tools you need

When we take a look at Google’s statistics, an average of 3.5 billion searches is made on a daily basis. This is not something that surprises anyone, considering that every day we see a growing number of sites on the web, as well as online users who search for them. It’s enough to take a look at the fact that back in 1999, Google had to take a month to index about 50 million pages, while in 2012 it could do exactly the same in less than a minute.

However, looking at how huge the web is today, and what it was like six years ago, only tells us that the need for fast processing speed is only growing. It’s the reason why it has become obvious that this is too much work for a human or simple software to do. Therefore, Google decided to take the whole concept of Artificial Intelligence and deep-learning under its wing.

With the fact that Google has done this, marketers have realized that in order to keep up, they would have to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into the tools they are using. This way, they can process a greater number of results much quicker, and formulate a proper digital marketing response as a result. This year, even operating systems are heavily dependent on virtual assistants, which only tells us about where the whole world of technology is going.

Improving customer service

There are a lot of pointers that show us that in only a couple of years, the majority of customer interactions will no longer require a human agent. The reasoning behind this is the fact that Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a lot more effective form of customer service than the one handled by people. There are multiple reasons for this. For example, you only need to program the AI one time, which saves you from investing in professional education of every customer service employee. When you take AI into account, you don’t have to think about work hours, sick days, or paid leaves. It does its job even during the holidays.

However, the greatest benefit of AI customer service is that it immediately responds to your users. You are probably well-aware that your customers have a limited patience. So, the speed of the response has a heavy impact on customer satisfaction and general perception of your brand.

Still, you don’t have to worry yourself thinking that AI customer support will fully replace human collaboration. In fact, it might even be impossible to replace professional IT consultants, as it might end up with creating a loop of a problem that cannot be solved.

Better ROI calculations

In the end, one of the biggest benefits of focusing on AI marketing is because you can actively calculate your marketing’s return on investment in a much more reliable fashion. If you are a small business, with a budget that is really tight, this is bound to make all the difference that really matters to you.

Back in the day, companies had a lot of trouble knowing which part of the money that they have invested into their campaign has simply gone to waste. Now, with all the analytic tools that we have at our disposal, as well as Big Data, which is extremely valuable, knowing this is no longer impossible. Throw in the Internet of Things (IoT) on top of that, and boost the entire concept with the implementation of AI marketing. What you’ll get is a very accurate and elaborate way of estimating what your marketing’s ROI is going to be.

In summation

Even with all of its benefits, the fact remains that a lot of people are wary of the very concept of Artificial Intelligence. However, it is now without a doubt that the presence of AI-augmented tools is only growing on the market, and with their increasing sophistication, they will do magic, especially for small businesses and startups. It is a thing of the future, and it’s becoming obvious that you cannot turn a blind eye to it.