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Audials One 2019 In-Depth Review

Audials One 2019 In-Depth Review

‘Audials One 2019’ is an improved version of Audials software which helps you find, download, manage and record audios, videos, internet TV series and more. Audials in the new mode allows you to monitor and capture the music, movies, videos, etc faster and efficient than ever before from the multiple legal streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc. In short, the redesigned Audials has a simpler interface, advanced features and personalized search options which gives users a completely new experience of watching, recording and downloading music, movies, videos, channels, and TV series.

About Audials 2019

Audials One 2019 boasts of hundreds of improvement including the introduction of Spotify as a new music source and optimization of YouTube for downloading and recording music. The added features and innovations mean higher quality and huge selection. ‘Audials One 2019 work for Windows, Android, and iOS. Let’s have a look as to what ‘Audials One 2019 has to offer in comparison to its predecessors.

audials 2019

Updated features of Audials One 2019- Music

Audials has improved in many ways. But music is one of the biggest sections of improvement when it comes to Audials software. Let’s have a look at the updated features.


  • Fastest streaming recorder- The newly released Audials One 2019 saves music in the quickest way possible. It only takes a few seconds to save 10 hits directly from YouTube. It can record different tracks simultaneously in the best possible quality and shortest time. It also records Spotify with 10 times the speed.
  • New Styles function- Users can enter massive varieties of options like latest hits, radio stations, albums, charts, blockbusters, genres, languages, etc and accordingly get recommendations on basis of their style, taste, and preferences.
  • You can search, play and save music from different legal streaming sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Deezer, Hulu, etc.
  • Music Converter- You can convert any music into the desired format and free of ads while still being in the parent app.
  • New music source- Spotify– Introduction of a new search engine- Spotify means more music, better results, easy search, and high quality. Spotify also selects the best settings to ensure optimal recording.
  • Easy Music search- The sections Music Search, Music Wishes and My Music has been merged into one. It makes the search easier with lesser tabs to worry about.
  • Edits the song – Audials cut editor cuts/edits the beginning and end of the song without any loss of quality.
  • Youtube reloaded- In the updated version of Audials, you can download videos directly from YouTube as an audio track and a bunch of links in a single click. Also, there is a choice of selecting different qualities of sound.

Improvements of Audials One 2019 –Television

Audials 2019 has also improved a lot upon television support. Television series, channels, live sports, music channels play as smooth on your phone as on TV.

Improvements of Audials One 2019 -Television

  • More than 150 new live TV streams from around the world to be watched and recorded.
  • More than 50 music channels are available in a well-arranged format on the new version of Audials. You can listen to and play music right from your television anytime you want.
  • Newly designed player- You can record your favorite series, programs, and channels forever while you are still watching with just a simple click and in top quality.
  • Record movies and sports from live TV to be watched over and over again.
  • High-quality television regardless of the device you are using.
  • International and English-language streams available.

Enhanced features of Audials One 2019- Radio

Audials 2019 takes radio recordings to another level. Let’s see how.


  • Access all radio channels internationally- You can listen to any radio station in the world, record and save it.
  • Massive varieties- You can have easy access to around 100000 radio channels from any country in upto 320kBit/s.
  • Save as MP3- You can have access to last 200 songs that were played by every channel and those can be enjoyed offline after being saved as MP3.
  • Better search results- It throws best radio stations to record your music of choice.
  • Accurate recordings– For example, it skips or jumps the part where radio presenters are talking.

The new and better Audials One 2019- Movies and Videos

  • DVD data saver- You can convert your current DVD format into a simpler one that your smartphones or tabs are compatible with.
  • High-quality video streaming recording
  • Offers improved image quality and performance.
  • The tile view of streaming sources has been redesigned so that they are easier to use.
  • Also, covers, descriptions, tags, and lyrics while downloading.
  • Adaptive streaming- The new Audials 2019 chooses the right format on its own which means all your recordings will be saved in top quality formats like MP4, HVEC, H.264 or WMV.
  • You can copy any number of YouTube links to be downloaded in the new software.
  • Offers many devices profiles in order to be able to store videos for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, and PCs.

The better version- Audials 2019 – Media and Podcasts

Enhanced features of Audials One 2019- Radio

  • Can convert any video, footages, documents and audio files in the best quality format.
  • Redesigned Audials offers around 100 file formats and dozens of device profiles.
  • Audials can in no time transfer your media files to your mobile devices.
  • Audials 2019 browses through 350000 of podcasts for you to save your favorites

What’s new and why to subscribe to the new Audials Generation 2019?

These are what Audials 2019 offers all in all. Look forward to these improvements and innovations in the latest version.

  • Advancements in streaming and recording of music. You get updates as per your tastes and preferences.
  • Simple and easy to navigate. Many separated sections, tags, buttons, and bars have been merged for easy navigation.
  • Improvement in television to let users save their series and channels to watch later.
  • Direct recording and personalized search.
  • Lot more to explore. A structured array of features
  • New and efficient operating concept.
  • Television and music TV (channels) have been combined into one.
  • Fewer buttons and displays and few controls make the Audials clean and tidy
  • Introduction of music bot takes the responsibility of your music priorities by searching and downloading from different platforms.

How to upgrade to Audials One 2019?

To download the latest version of Audials in high quality, get it straight from the official website. It can also be obtained on a subscription basis from the website. And for those who need to switch to the upgraded version- Audials Generation 2019, here is the step by step guide and the support link below:

how to upgrade audials 2019

Step 1: Download the Audials straight away from the website

Step 2: Test the new features and enhancements through the demos.

Step 3: After checking, next is to get your upgrade offer. You can get it from here

Step 4: Use your license code/key to activate the new Audials software

Step 5: Sign in using your account- User ID and password


Audials One 2019 has arrived with the better user interface, lesser clicks, integrated options and much more. It’s totally worth upgrading your previous Audials to deal with your music and movies. From downloads to searches, recordings, tagging, and converter; Audials One 2019 provides you with all the features under one roof. You can focus on a specific area without wasting time searching for different options. With simplified features and functions; Audials One 2019 is certainly a boon especially for the music lovers.

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