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Audials One 2018 Keeps You Entertained With Music, Radio, And Podcasts

Audials 2018 Home

The Audials One generation 2018 has finally been released. Many customers said that it was actually “excellent”.

For beginners, Audials One is a software that focuses on solving all your problems related to finding, recording and managing videos and music. When compared to other apps such as VLC and the Windows media player, it is undoubtedly a beast because it cannot only play music from radios, music video platforms or streaming services, but also records them in no time at all. The software Audials One exists for Windows operating systems. But the radio recording features exist also as app for every platform from Android, and iOS to Windows systems. For VIPs, there is a pro app for Android and iPhone, while the standard versions are free on Google play store and app store respectively.

Audials 2017 Vs 2018 Which Is Better?

The new Audials One 2018 has many new and improved features. For example, the latest version records an entire list of movies from streaming services automatically and records contents from music streaming services with fourfold speed. The software makes it easier for you to find, save and manage all media files. Secondly, check out the newly designed dashboard below.

This new dashboard gives you an overview of radios, podcasts and other features such as the new music universe called Music Zoom. Thirdly, is the download size; the file is significantly larger, being around 139 megabytes.

From a positive angle, the price of the software has been maintained despite the increase in the value and features. These are discussed further below.

Features of the Audials One 2018

So, let’s get to review Audials One 2018 in detail. What exactly does this software offer you?

Record music and movies

With Audials One, you can find preconfigured tiles for all major music and video streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu etc. in the Save Music or Save Video section. Saving music works for Spotify with fourfold speed and at Napster at double speed without loss of quality. Recording video streams of movies can be made with the batch recording feature. Entire seasons of series are saved, episode by episode, in HD quality. After the recording process, all files are automatically tagged and the cover image is added.

Access all radio channels internationally

Perhaps, this is the most prominent feature that this app possesses that overdoes all other apps out there. Here, more than 100,000 radio stations can be discovered easily. First, through the local or international portal second, you can find the name of the channel by manually searching for it. Once you see it, you are able to access the last 200 hit songs that were played by every channel; this means that you will never run out of music. Again, these can be saved as MP3 for enjoying them offline or transferring them to your phone or tablet.

Media player

Finding media isn’t enough. You need to play them also. Audials One 2018 includes a player that conveniently lets you listen to or watch all media that you have recorded. Most online media players don’t work properly. Additionally, finding an app that doesn’t crash on the most recent windows ten update is equally hard.

Music converter

In the market, a lot of music converters exist for mp3, mp4 and even DVD’s. But with this app, you can convert any music with just one simple click and free of ads, while still being in the parent app. To add to this, there are many of the best music channels included. This enables you to stream music legally 24/7 while doing other stuff on the computer. The music channel bar can easily be accessed at the top. Just in case you wanted to search your channels, a search and favorite buttons are indicated to improve your demands.

Podcast availability

This section provides you with audio and video podcasts to many themes such as comedy, business, games. The podcast are sorted according to topics to give you a better overview and include the trending ones on top of the section. These can further be downloaded for listening to them offline and even be converted to other formats for transmission.

It is a DVD data saver

In short, this app enables you to save your DVD content from its current format to simple formats that smaller devices such as phones and tablets can access.

Can Audials One 2018 Run On my PC?

The minimum requirements to run Audials 2018 are:

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB ram
  • Needs DSL internet access
  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • Windows vista minimum version windows 7, 8 and 10.

Is it worth?

The answer is yes. Having all these features under one roof is difficult. From music downloads, radio searches, music and video tagging to being a converter its certainly one to watch out. Also, being somewhat a fast app and having a complete dashboard, it indeed surpasses the expected bar.

Despite all the hype, a few shortcomings are associated. At first, it might appear overloaded for non geek customers. Second, it requires a reliable internet connection to work properly.

Overview of the home appearance

Conclusively, Audials One 2018 is undoubtedly a reliable app, which will makes the music industry grow and provide free and legal music at the same time. The variety of functions have a wide range, from radio stations, video downloads to podcasts. Certainly, it is the most excellent video downloader and music converter so far.