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Are You Keeping Up With Online Safety?

Technected My Voucher Codes Internet Safety Infographic

Your personal details can be used by others, money from your bank accounts stolen, your identity stolen and your whole life turned upside down just because you don’t know the basics of keeping yourself safe online.

Your personal details have never been so easily accessed, we have never had so much information available to us, from friends and family and co-workers to complete strangers. There are a number of different things to look out for and ways you can protect yourself, you can read more with this article and the infographic below.


Technected My Voucher Codes Internet Safety Infographic

The infographic was produced by My Voucher Codes, the online voucher code website has been looking into the best ways to keep safe for their users. This is especially important for those who do a lot of shopping online, share their lives on social media and might not be as savvy as they think they are online.

They understand that for many people the thought of online safety can be daunting, with scare stories rather than clear concise ways of keeping safe. Speaking about the guide, General Manager of MyVoucherCodes Chris Reilly said:

“With so many people conducting their lives online now, it’s more important than ever to understand what security issues you can face and what you need to do, to protect yourself. People can come under attack from many different avenues, so everyone needs to be vigilant and understand what measures they need to take to protect themselves and their personal data online.”


He added:

“Users are offered levels of protection when shopping online, with security on site and security offered by using credit cards for example. However criminals are finding new ways to steal your money, which is why we have seen a rise in phishing. This is where criminals glean important details from unsuspecting people, when posing as banks etc. which can lead to people losing thousands of pounds and leaving them with a lengthy battle to get their money back.”