Apps That Every Student Should Check Out

As a student, you might from time to time feel overwhelmed with new responsibilities and things to do. Luckily, technology is always ready to come to the rescue:  there are applications that can help you with taking and managing notes, finding affordable original essays for sale, organizing your schedule, and even keeping fit. From Evernote and Quizlet Go to Forest and Todoist, applications help you to focus, increase your efficiency and save your precious time. On this list, we have gathered some of the best study applications to assist you in your academic endeavors and study productively.


You know that you are supposed to take notes in college, writing down all those valuable pieces of knowledge that your instructor bestows upon you during the lectures. However, those notes soon become a mess – some missing, some illegible, some irrelevant. Are they any use for revisions before the tests and even finals? 

Enter Evernote, an app that assists students with keeping everything streamlined and sorted out in one place. You can enhance your notes with files, audios, links, and tags. With Evernote’s free subscription, you can synchronize your notes across two devices, search your notes for content and pictures, cut pages, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Also, you may want to subscribe to its premium version which is called Evernote Plus. It offers the capacity to match up a large number of gadgets for only $34.99 every year.


XMind is a mind-mapping productivity tool for capturing such fleeting things as ideas and inspiration, organizing information, outlining, and brainstorming. Apart from organizing hierarchical relationships between complex ideas in a handy visual form (Fishbone Chart, Matrix, Timeline, Org Chart, etc.), XMind helps you to make in-depth comparative analysis, tracks milestones for your projects and schedules in chronological order. It is very stylish and its functionality compared to other mind-mapping apps is indeed impressive. Another interesting thing about is you can save your mind maps straight to Evernote! 

The only restriction is that this application is available for iOS users only and by subscription of $9.99 for six months. 

Quizlet Go

Flashcards and spaced repetition techniques have proved their effectiveness and helped several generations of college students. Quizlet Go is a flashcard app, which previously existed only in a browser form and now is available for both Android and iOS. You can opt for a free version or avail of paid Quizlet Plus subscription – $1.67 monthly or $19.99 for a year. 

Either way, you get access to a huge database of decks made by other users in the community. The list of topics and subjects is unending! From “German Word of the Day” to “Famous War Battles” to “Brain structures” – you’ll have plenty of knowledge at your fingertips to ace your next test or just wow your friends at the party with a fun fact. And of course, you have the option of creating your own custom decks to practice and revise before exams.

Office Lens

This little app is a lifesaver for a student because it turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. You just take a picture of any text you want to save and Office Lens converts the image into editable, shareable content. 

No more tedious handwriting and typing in – just take snaps of someone else’s notes, pages in books, whiteboards, magazines, receipts, and enjoy the fruits of the progress. Office Lens optimizes the image, clears it from noise, hotspots, and shadows and uses a Microsoft-powered text recognition feature. 

My Study Life

This free app is a digital student planner that will help you with sorting out your rotation schedules, assignments, and tests. Apart from its core timetable feature, My Study Life offers revision scheduling, task managing, and reminders – everything bespoke for schools and customizable further to meet your needs.

Probably the best feature is synchronization with the cloud and across all your devices. The app continues to work when disconnected, so you don’t have to worry about a weak Wi-Fi signal anymore.

MyScript Calculator

Good-old calculator, what can you possibly add to it? As it turns out, quite a lot. If living in the digital age made you nostalgic for pen-and-paper feel, this is the application for you. With MyScript you can enjoy the best of two worlds. Write your math problems naturally, hand on the touchscreen, striking off anything you don’t need, asking for  the solution with a “?”, dragging and dropping numbers, and developing your calculation across several lines. From the simples to the most astounding problems, MyScript will recognize your handwriting and help you to learn math for a one-time charge of just $1.99.