Apple iPhone 6S Plus Review

I’ve been planning to sell my iPhone and replace it with the new iPhone 6S Plus. If you’ve been thinking the same way, here is a detailed review of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Review


Apple unveiled the iPhone 6S and its elder sibling the iPhone 6S Plus some time back and the two devices have since generated huge sales figures for the company. Today, we will be talking about the bigger device of these 2, that is the iPhone 6S Plus. Below is a brief review of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Look and Build

Looking at the iPhone 6S Plus, you cannot differentiate it from its predecessor the iPhone 6 Plus if you ignore the ‘S’ on the former’s back. Both the devices look exactly the same though the 6S Plus feels a little bit thicker in hand. It is also made of a better aircraft grade aluminium as the company claims.


Not only is the new 12 MP iSight rear camera on iPhone 6S Plus capable of capturing 4K videos now, it also brings the all new ‘Live Photos’ feature to users. What the Live Photos feature does is that instead of just capturing a picture, it captures a small video of about 3 seconds and then let’s you decide the perfect frame to chose as a photo. All photos are by default clicked in the Live Photos option which can be turned off in the settings.

Overall, I’d say that the new camera on the iPhone 6S Plus can be used as a replacement for any camera on a smartphone that your currently using.


The new Apple A9 chip that has made its debut on the iPhone 6S Plus is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. The device works completely fine and displays no lags or freezes. The 4K videos captured in the camera can be edited and rendered on the device without facing any problems. This paired with the new iOS9 makes multi-tasking child’s play and all this while the device stays at a constant temperature.


Apple iPhone 6S Plus Review

With the new 3D Touch or Forced Touch as some people are calling it, the iPhone 6S Plus has impressed us. For those of you who don’t know, 3D Touch is a technology that performs different functions based on how hard you touch or press on the screen. This means you will be able to access different options on the screen based on the pressure of your finger on the screen. Though not many apps right now offer 3D Touch support, we’re looking forward to it soon. Apple however has found some uses for it. For example, you can preview a Live Photo by pressing on its thumbnail or preview a webpage by pressing on its URL.

So this was our review of the iPhone 6S Plus.