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App Review: Movavi Video Editor

movavi 1.1

The Movavi Video Editor app which was developed by Movavi has transformed the entire video editing world. The award winning app allows you to perform a number of editing actions on your video. Besides just editing, the program also allows you to create new videos, import DVD or 3D videos, capture both video and audio streams and burn multimedia files.

Movavi Video Editor is based on simplicity and effectiveness. The app has an appealing and simple interface that encourages one to work with the app. In addition to this, most of the app’s tools are well organized to allow for user accessibility.

movavi 1.1


The application will introduce you to the following advantages:

  • Simple and appealing graphic interface
  • A variety of video effects
  • Ability to burn discs
  • The app can support a number of multimedia formats


Most people who have used the app have aired complains regarding the apps ability to only offer basic video editing tools.

What the app does

This app is capable of performing a number of functions including:

a) Allowing you to make your own movies

movavi 1.2

People tend to think that video editing is one complicated affair. With Movavi Video Editor, you’ll realize that it is as easy as A-B-C. The mere fact that the app’s interface is based on simplicity makes the video editing process run smoothly. Learn how to create demos, video tutorials with commentary voice-over, funny animations and so much more with this application. The simplicity of this application will make you enjoy your video editing experience even if you’ve never edited before. With no time, you’d have learnt how to add video fragments, join multiple clips together, add cover music and stylish titles to a video and save it in any format of your liking.

b) Improve video quality

movavi 1.3

The Movavi Video Editor is equipped with useful filters and special effects which will transform your experience from an indie filmmaker to a master director. You can use the app to either improve the quality of your video or give it a whole new perspective to a familiar image. Make use of the automatic filters in the app to achieve a one of a kind combination of colours, light and contrast.

c) Split, crop and join movies

movavi 1.4


The new version of the app contains a built in splitting program which allows you to subdivide your movies into multiple scenes capable of being swapped and played at your own convenience. This feature in particular is very helpful as it allows the editor to remove parts of the movie or video which he deems unnecessary. The process is quite simple, you only need to ‘Select’ the part you want to keep or ‘Deselect’ that which you want to get rid of.

d) Helps create slideshows  

movavi 1.5


The best part about this is that you get to create these in a matter 5 minutes. All you need to do is simply switch from the timeline to the so called storyboard mode. Create a stunning slideshow by simply adding a number of images to a panel. A slideshow transition between the frames will be created automatically.