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App Review – 888Sport


888Sport has been quite a stalwart when it comes to online betting. It has gone a step further with its 888Sport app – a very smart entry into the mobile betting market. It certainly has realized the importance of how people are really too busy to sit in front of a desktop and bet for hours and that it’s a hobby for most while stealing a few moments during a boring meeting or just casually strolling through the park.

To gauge its potential success, let us have a look at its features.

What does it offer?

LIVE betting – The App offers a plethora of live action events to place bets on. The ultra dynamic control bestowed on the user with the help of real time scores helps keep the excitement alive as the odds jump or fall in seconds! The user has to look no further than the bottom of the screen to have a pulse on the popular bets at that point of time so as to play on various fronts.

888sport live betting

Easy-to-use interface – The orange and black color scheme helps with the ease of spotting the important tabs on the screen (note the constraints as part of using it on a smartphone). The brightness associated with the orange color against a black background prevents unnecessary distractions to the user.

Cash control – With over 21 options available to the user for depositing cash and withdrawing rewards, we feel it helps the player to be in total control of his/her cash at all times.

Casino games, non-sporting events – The betting is not limited to popular sports like Horse Racing, Football, Cricket etc. Events like the Oscars, elections and a variety of Casino games like classic roulette are at a user’s disposal to compete with the best in the world.

Multiple currencies, languages available – There are several languages apart from English to choose from along with over 5 currencies for cashing-in.

How to get the App

  • The website offers three simple ways for an Android/iOS user to get the App:


  • Apart from that, iOS users can get the 888sport app in the AppStore but that’s not the case with Android users. They need to download the web App through one of the methods outlined in the website through the former option.


The look and feel of the App is pretty good owing to its simplistic color scheme. However, there is still some room for less cluttering and snag removal while accessing it through a smartphone. It was definitely easier to navigate on an iPad.

We loved the fact that multiple currency options are provided and that the App helps one to compete with the best players across the world.

For the not-so-experienced punters, the non-sporting events like elections or the Oscars would certainly be attve so as to experience an “organized” platform for betting rather than the casual betting thus practiced.

All in all we believe that it is a successful plunge into the mobile betting market. A few updates could certainly smoothen the oft-experienced snags and cluttering.