All New Retina Macbook Air Specs And Features

Are you considering to sell Macbook and then upgrade to an upcoming Macbook Air device from Apple?  Before making up your mind, this might be the best article to give a read, as today we are here with a detailed article that goes through on what to expect from the upcoming Macbook Air 2017 devices, and whether it is worth an upgrade.

Macbook Air 2016 Update:

The 2016 Macbook Air update was quite a minor one, which included just an optional upgrade option for RAM. As the last update for the 2016 Macbook Air was quite a minimal one, all eyes are set on the next upgrade that is expected to arrive for the Macbook Air.

If you are as hyped as we are about the upcoming Macbook Air upgrade from Apple, then get reading on already, as today we are here with a detailed list of all the latest rumors and speculations about the next major Macbook Air specifications and feature upgrade from Apple.

Apple Debuts New Operating System, iLife 11 and MacBook Air

Rumors from trusted sources say that Apple is currently reconsidering their Macbooklineup and may bring some quite drastic shakeups in terms of Macbook variants offered, in the coming years. If Apple was to reconsider their current Macbook Air lineup of work machines, then the 11 inch Macbook might hit a dead stop in terms of production, and if Apple thinks to cut short the Macbook Air lineup of devices, then we expect the 11 inch Macbook to be hit first. Eventually, as new Macbook devices gets announced, even the 13 inch Macbook Air model may also get discontinued, but as of now, it is safe to assume that Apple would not want to cut out the 13 inch Macbook Air currently.

If Apple plans not to put a hault to its Macbook Air lineup of devices currently, then the next time we may get some major upgrades for the existing Apple Macbook Air devices shall be in early 2017. Until then, all we can do is to keep holding on to the latest rumors and expectations on what the upcoming Macbook Air 2017 devices may have, in terms of current market trend and existing competition in the market. Surely, Apple Macbook devices have got a very specific set of user base out there, who prefer class and portability over power and pure speed.

Macbook Air 2016 Update 2

As far as the hardware specifications of the upcoming Macbook Air devices are concerned, we expect either the 15 inch Macbook Air machine, or both the 15 inch and 13 inch Macbook Air devices to get a Retina Display, as a Retina Display for the Macbook Air have been the most longing desire from existing Macbook Air users who wishes to upgrade to a more newer version of the Macbook Air device with a Retina Display. Other features rumored to get featured in the upcoming Apple Macbook Air 2017 include the addition of a USB Type C port as well as TouchID fingerprint scanner.

We will be keeping on updating this article with all the latest rumors and speculations on the upcoming All New Apple Macbook Air devices in this article, so stay tuned.