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All in One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast – Which One to Choose?

AIO vs yoast

Recently All in One SEO plugin was updated with new features and this plugin is now available in its second most stable version. All in One SEO is the best and most used plugin to improve SEO score of any WordPress website or blog.

On the other hand, WordPress SEO by Yoast is another plugin which is also very popular and people started using it as it provides lots of features which are missing in All in One SEO.

If you ask me, then I still prefer using All in One SEO as it got all the required tools only. On other hand, WordPress SEO by Yoast got a bunch of tools. As a Search Engine Optimizer I prefer doing most of the SEO by my own without using any tool as if I use a tool then that will affect the speed of the blog or website.

Blogs which use WordPress SEO by Yoast responds slowly than blogs which use All in One SEO plugin. So I know you’re confused. I’m here with a little comparison between both these plugins so you can choose which one you want to use on your blog.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress seo by yoast

This plugin has got lots of options which help newbies to learn most of the SEO tweaks. If you’re a newbie in blogging then this one is the best plugin for you but if you’re really passionate being SEO then you should skip this plugin and use All in One SEO pack.

Once you save any article in drafts then this plugin shows you score by analyzing the on page SEO of that article. It shows green signal for best SEO score, yellow for good, orange for Ok and red for bad. So you need to keep that signal either yellow or green. There is one disadvantage too about this feature as people usually over optimize a page to make that signal green and this is how they lose to Google easily.

You can even change the dofollow and nofollow tags related to any article before being published. This plugin also shows a snippet of how that article is going to look in search engine. You can even do 301 redirects to any older link using this plugin.

So, this plugin has got lots of features packed within and this plugin is best for newbies but it slows down the performance or speed of the blog.

All in One SEO Pack

all in one seo

This plugin is simple and widely used because it doesn’t affect the blog speed or performance. It simply provides a tool using which you can write title for search engine, meta description and meta keywords, that’s it. You can’t add anything else and this is how this plugin look like. It is simple and it doesn’t tell the SEO score of any article. This means, you need to check the SEO score of each and every article you write and this is how you can learn applying SEO manually that will be a great benefit for your career as a SEO expert.

Now you need to choose between simple or powerful and fast or slow, respectively.