Advances In AR Are Happening Fast

It is said that AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are democratizing experiences the same way the internet has democratized information. With an AR app, a person can walk into a fast-paced mall they’ve never been in before, and without even knowing the language can guide themselves around thanks to helpful insights they can access through their mobile phone. If a family can’t commit to signing their child up for soccer training one season, they can download an AR app that helps their kid hone their skills in the interim simply by bringing the family tablet to a nearby park. Because AR allows people to augment, enhance, or streamline their experiences of the world, this technology is growing to be more in demand.

This is further evidenced by how much is spent on AR and VR every year. According to Digi-Capital, by 2020, AR and VR could hit an astounding $150 billion in sales, and AR is predicted to take the lead on that, responsible for about $120 billion of those sales. Much of this revenue will be owing to the development of new mobile apps putting AR at the forefront; users are already seeing the appeal with interactive games like Pokemon Go, but advances in AR are not limited to gaming alone. Many industries like eCommerce, marketing, education, travel, tourism, health care and real estate are utilizing AR not only to attract customers, but as a primary tool for connecting with them.

The demand for AR and VR has been growing at an exponential rate, as has the sophistication of these products and apps with each passing year. Businesses considering commissioning an app design would do well to see how their idea could be enhanced through implementing AR technology. Because AR is still relatively new, they should also partner with a competent development agency that has expertise in the field – one that will collaborate with their clients throughout the process ensuring every feature of their AR app is meeting a business or user need. Guaraná Technologies is one mobile app developer based out of Canada that believes in the breakthroughs and potential of AR.

You can rest assured that with this developer, every feature of your AR app will be backed by research, analytics and will be designed to meet audience demands. Rather than adding redundant features, this developer would rather leave room to introduce new upgrades only when your users express the need for them. This will save you costs and alleviate the fear of releasing an app that is too complicated for people to engage with or enjoy, so a step in the right direction might be to contact them if you’re thinking about getting on board with this latest trend.

Finally, AR can do wonders for improving a user’s experience of their purchases. VR and AR can be used to show customers all the ways your products or services can make their lives simpler – even if that’s simply alleviating the need to read a dense manual or set of instructions. A strong developer will guide you in thinking like your users, so the more they engage with your app the more they’re able to get out of it.