Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder Review

Have you ever been using your phone when you think ‘I wish I could record my screen’? If so, you aren’t alone since there is a growing demand for it but did you know that there are solutions? Maybe you want to record a game and upload it to YouTube or perhaps you need to screenshot a conversation to show to your friends (we all do it!)? Regardless of reason, Android users are lucky enough to have a built-in recording program but what about Apple users?

When it comes to record iphone screen, there aren’t too many options unfortunately (if you want to avoid jailbreaking your device). However, iPhone Screen Recorder from AceThinker is our favorite solution as it allows for recording, screenshotting, sharing, and more.

Key Features

Mirror and HD – At first, the tool seems very simple but then you dig a little deeper and find mirroring via AirPlay so you can record whatever is occurring on your iPhone. Throughout, you will notice that there isn’t any lag and the quality is superb. After this, you will have full-HD streaming capabilities at your fingertips even without a connection to the internet. Whether it is movies, music, or images, they will show on the big screen of your Mac.

Easy Recording – When recording on the iPhone, the frustrating ‘you have limited storage’ message is bound to show at some point which presents a problem. However, recording with this AceThinker tool is fantastic because it records directly to your computer. Once you press, the red record button, you can record games, apps, videos, conversations, or anything you wish. Once finished, stop the recording and the file will be sent to your hard drive. As you will see, there will even be options to save the video or image as a GIF!

With many other programs that are on the market right now, recording is a hassle because it can cause lag, the files are in a certain format which is hard to convert, and an internet connection is required. With the iPhone Screen Recorder, everything is kept simple so that even the beginner of all beginners can pick up an iPhone, tap the AirPlay button, connect to the correct Mac, and then have some fun.

Share the Result – Once you have finished your recording, you also have options to share your creation with the world. Luckily, AceThinker has made even this simple. After sending the file back to your phone, you can send it to friends, social media, and, of course, YouTube.


All things considered, this is a superb product and one that allows you to have fun with your iPhone device. Instead of deleting every photo on your iPhone just to make room for one video, you can record via a Mac without any lag and without a drop in quality. Even if you don’t want to record, you can still stream a movie from your phone to your computer or just play a game on a larger screen. As mentioned previously, the options are endless as well as being safe and keeping your phone and files protected.