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A Handbook In Your Hands: The Best Mobile Apps For Plant Enthusiasts

The love of plants can be all-consuming and when you are not spending your time cultivating them, you may well be on the lookout for new species and finding out about them.

If you are a smartphone owner as well as a plant enthusiast, the good news is that there are a number of very useful apps which can make it seem like you have a handbook in your hands.with all the information you need.

A range of different options

Gardeners are always needing to keep a close eye on the weather, so it is worth looking at ApalonApps for Android, as they provide a live weather app for free, so that you know what conditions to expect and how it might affect your plants as well as your plans.


In terms of options for gardening apps, you are definitely spoiled for choice in that department. Some apps are free to download while others may cost you, but it is all about deciding what sort of information and level of detail you are looking for, when you are deciding whether to purchase or not.

A popular book called the Garden Guide, is now available as a free app. This one is not a bad starting point, as it can help guide you through plant selection, provide links to relevant gardening websites, and even give you the lowdown on how to deploy organic pest control strategies.

Plan your landscaping

There is a charge if you want to download the Landscaper’s Companion, but if you are putting together some landscaping plans, this app will provide you with a resource that details general information on thousands of different plants.

Along with giving you the common and scientific name for each plant, you can get relevant details such as projected plant size, along with color and light requirements, all of which are often vital aspects that can make a difference to the success of your landscaping project.

Use your phone to identify a plant

Unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of different species of plants, there are going to be times when you need a helping hand to identify what it is you are looking at.


There are a number of different apps that offer a facility of identifying a plant, simply from the photo you have taken of it and the uploaded to their site.

Plantifier and LeafSnap are two apps that offer to do just that. Free to use, Plantifier, will use the team from the community to pool their brainpower and send you back identification details of the plant you took a snap of. LeafSnap is also free, and uses visual recognition software to identify plant species from a photograph of their leaf structure.

These are just a few examples of the many different apps that are available. If gardening is your passion, there are plenty of ways that your smartphone can help you to improve your knowledge and create stunning features in your garden.

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