A Guide To Selecting The Best Antivirus Software

The internet is a great tool. You can use it for entertainment, communication and so much more. The downside of this amazing tool is that it can also be used for evil. For instance, there are those who took the internet and made viruses, software whose sole purpose is to destroy the files in your computer.

You can protect your computer by using antivirus software but it is not easy to select the best from the dozens that exist especially since some of them are not real. Below is a guide on how to compare antivirus software and pick only the best for your computer but before that here is why you need antivirus software.

Why You Need Antivirus Software

Other than protecting your computer, antivirus software also:

  • Analyze your system for improper functioning and alerts you
  • Some antivirus software detect and remove malware from your computer
  • Some antivirus software offer you the option of optimizing the performance of your computer

The functions differ with each software since they all compete on which will be the best. If you truly care about your computer and the files stored in it, you will seriously consider installing antivirus software. Here is how to choose the best antivirus software.

A Guide To Selecting The Best Antivirus Software

1. Ask Yourself; Which Is Better for you, a Paid for Software or a Free Software?

Everybody who intends to use antivirus software has to ask this question. Most of the people who prefer to use antivirus software opt for a subscription to certain software whose pros seem to be best for their machine. The reason for this is; with a subscription, you get more features such as parental controls and better customer and technical support. According to Adam Marshall, a blogger for Which, paid for antivirus software can be expensive.

You can still protect your computer with free antivirus software. By selecting such, you get the free features of only protection at no cost. Therefore, if your sole need for antivirus is protection, don’t spend money on expensive subscriptions.

2. Ask Yourself; How Many Antivirus Software Do You Need?

Most people use more than one antivirus program because after they compare antivirus software, they find out that one has features that the other doesn’t. Is this recommended?

The answer to this question is left to you because:

  • With the right software, one can boost the other. You will therefore have the best protection at no cost.
  • The two can have some glitches during their performance. For instance, one can assume that the other is scanning your machine when it isn’t. You will therefore be left vulnerable to attacks even with both antivirus programs.
  • The two programs can affect the performance of your computer.

If you can deal with the downside of having more than one antivirus program, then go for it.

3. When Installing Antivirus Software, Stick to Known Software

You are not the first person to compare antivirus software. There are people who have been in your position and they can give you valuable information on what they did and what they found out. If software has been rated as the best by quite a number of people, then give it a try. According to a blog for How-To Geek, you can find reviews of antivirus software on the internet.

Best Antivirus Software

Other than online, you can also ask your family and friends since there is at least one computer in just about every home. Remember that you won’t find software that only has positive reviews. When selecting, also read the negative reviews and ask yourself if you can live with the software if it behaved in that negative manner.

4. Run Independent Test as You Compare Antivirus Software

Take this step if you do not trust the reviews you have seen. It has always been said that nobody understands you better than you. What seemed bad to some people can be good to you. Therefore as you compare antivirus software, you can test each of the programs you have in mind and find the one that suits your needs perfectly. You can do this by installing one, testing it and uninstalling it if it doesn’t please you. It can be a long process but in the end, it is worth it.

The protection of your computer and the files stored within it is very important. It is not something that should be taken lightly or left to the wrong antivirus software. Pick only the best in the market as you compare antivirus software and you will not regret it.