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7 Facebook rules every parent should follow when ‘friends’ with their kids


WOW, did your kid finally accept your friend request on Facebook after all this wait? What do you do now? Post on their wall thanking them? NO. When your kid accepts your friend request, he expects you to refrain from doing a couple of tasks.

Here are 7 Don’ts that you should be keeping in mind.

1) Do NOT friend their college teachers/professors, colleagues or bosses

Sure, you hear about them all the time from your kid. You might know them pretty well too, but THEY might not know YOU at all. There is a high chance of confusing them. They might just ask your kid about your awkward ‘friendly’ gesture which could be embarrassing.

2) Don’t comment on or like every status, picture or activity

What does that depict? Surely, you’re enjoying your kid’s profile, looking at pictures and all the cute updates, activities, but hey, remember you’re stalking them and they might not like it. If curiosity is killing you then don’t announce it at least. Stay on the low.

3) Avoid posting on your kid’s wall every other hour

Of course your children would love nice memos from your but in their INBOX or preferably emails, not on their wall. There are a lot of reasons why kids don’t like their parents posting on their walls. Their hundreds of friends would see it and they would also want to save space for interesting posts, pictures and videos. They probably don’t even look forward to your lovey dovey wall posts.

4) Do not questions every single like, post or share they make

What teen’s do is obliviously like everything that comesacross?Just because they like an insane music page does not mean they’re popping pills and going crazy at rave parties. Calm down, if you’ve taught your child well, nothing will go wrong.

5) Do not friend every single of their friends

It is okay to friend those friends who have been around for a really long time, or maybe those who sometimes take you out to dinners with your kid. That is understandable, but friending every friend will label you as a creepy stalker and you do NOT want that.

6) Do not go through your child’s profile if they have accidentally left it open

Irresponsible teens DO leave their account open, you can’t blame them, but this is where your maturity kicks in. Stop yourself from flipping through every message in the inbox. A Facebook profile is like a diary. Keep that in mind.

7) Lastly, never tag your kid on every picture you upload

The last thing they want is their embarrassing baby pictures being uploaded and worse, BEING TAGGED. You might find them really cute but that is not always the case.