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6 Times A Custom Membrane Keypad Comes In Handy

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A custom membrane keypad is going to come into use a variety of times. If you have ever found yourself not doing the kind of work you needed to and it all came down to not having a membrane keypad – or a custom one, there are ones out in the market that you can find. Not sure if you would ever need one? There are 6 instances where one can come in handy.

Taking Inventory

If you find yourself taking inventory a lot, you may not have the right keypad – or any kind of keypad for that matter. You may still be doing everything on paper and then staying late to enter it all into a computer. The reason you can’t take the computer into the inventory areas with you is because you lack a membrane keypad.

A membrane keypad is essentially waterproof and temperature resistant. This means that you can do inventory outside, in a walk-in cooler, in a sauna, or anywhere else where your inventory takes you.

Working Outside

If you work outside a lot, it’s hard to get any real work done because your keypad isn’t a fan of being outdoors. When you use a custom membrane keypad, you can be sure you have all the buttons you need. The entire keyboard is coated in rubber, so there are no risks of dirt and other debris getting stuck under the keys. It can rain, get as hot or cold as possible, and you can continue using the keyboard.

At a Restaurant

If you’re running a restaurant, you’ll want a custom membrane keypad for entering orders. You don’t have to worry about cooks with dirty fingers or bartenders with sticky drinks in their hands because the keypad can wipe off. It can also be customized with all of your menu items so there are no complex menu screens to go into.

On a Security System

When someone needs a custom panel for their security system, there’s no telling where they’re going to put it. They may install it indoors or outdoors. They may install it inside of a refrigerator, underground, or any other area that they are trying to secure. With a custom membrane keypad, it doesn’t matter what it is exposed to because it will continue to work thanks to being wrapped in silicone rubber.

At Trade Shows

When you have created an interactive show for people at a trade show, you want to make sure you have a custom membrane keypad. It should be custom to ensure they are only using the buttons you want them to. It should be a membrane keypad to make sure you can wipe it off easily in between users.

When You’re on the Go

There are custom membrane keypads that are so flexible that you can roll them up. This makes it easier when you’re always on the go because you can roll up the keyboard, stash it in a bag or even in your back pocket.

There’s no telling where life is going to take you and that’s why you need to be prepared with a custom membrane keypad. If you spill coffee on it, walk in the rain with it, or go into hot and cold environments, you won’t have to worry about the keypad shorting out on you. While it is destructible, it’s a lot less destructible than standard keypads – and this is why they are being used in so many different instances.

Pay attention to when you want to type and see how many times you notice that a custom membrane keypad would come in handy. You can have a keypad personalized in many ways. From colors to symbols, pictures and buttons, you can have the keypad designed to include anything you need in order to save you time and allow you to be more efficient in the workplace.

More industries than ever before are using custom membrane keypads. The benefit to that is there are more places designing the keypads, allowing you to find one that can be customized to fit your needs and one that is friendly to your budget.