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6 Gadgets That Look Like They Came From a James Bond Movie

Over the past 50 years, there have been no movies that define tech innovations more than the James Bond series. Whether the touchscreen computer, laser pen, or jetpack; the toys that Bond plays with will make any geek salivate. Although not every gadget from the movie can be found in modern times, here are 6 gadgets that look like they came straight out of a James Bond movie.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker


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What better way to start the day than with an upbeat shower? James Bond is well known for his style and looks, his eyes would light up at the thought of such a gadget. This Kohler Moxie wireless speaker showerhead is loaded with a Bluetooth speaker that can play for up to seven hours. Connect it to your tablet, cellphone, or other device, and you will be showering in style.

Google Glass

 Google Glass

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Bond is well respected in the secret agent world for his eyewear. Always loaded with the latest computerized lenses, he is able to see danger a mile away. Google Glass looks like a hybrid combination straight from the movies. This incredible gadget allows its person to take or record videos and even share it instantly. It is loaded with messaging capabilities and directions. It answers questions, translates, and basically any other feature that you would expect a computer to do.

Iris recognition flash drive

 iris recognition pen drive

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The dangers of lost or stolen data can drive any spy crazy. Fortunately, we have combined the security of retina scanners and the storage of personal data into the Iris Recognition Flash Drive. This tiny gadget allows you to pull information from a computer to your flash drive and then lock the flash drive using your eyes. The only way that information can then be accessed is if the iris scanner meets your eyes again.

The Convertible Laptop Tablet

 convertible laptop tablet

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Nothing says sleek and innovative like a convertible laptop tablet. Bond is always on the run and does not have time to sit down at a dinosaur desktop. No, he needs the versatility and mobility that a convertible laptop tablet can offer. These double-jointed laptops can turn a computer into a touchscreen tablet in seconds. Loaded with the power, speed, and memory of standard laptops, these hybrid gadgets are the definition of Bond.

The Smart Watch

smart watch

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No longer are we in the age when wristwear is meant for simply fashion or telling time. Enter the world of smart watches. One of the most popular is the Pebble watch. This watch has the capability to run applications including tracking distance, loading sports scores, and even giving navigation. Keep your favorite music at an arm’s length and sync it to notify texts from your phone. James Bond has been known to sport intricate watches but none with the versatility and capabilities that our current smart watches have.

Dropcam Pro

 dropcam pro

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When it comes to Bond gadgets we can’t forget the standard surveillance toys. The Dropcam Pro is an amazing camera that is set up to run on your cloud-based Wi-Fi. You can plug it in or outside your home, to keep an eye on your possessions even when you are away.  Sync it with you smartphone, tablet, or computer so that you are alerted when movement is detected. Loaded with a 130 degree field of view and Cloud Video Recording, you can access stored videos for up to a month.

There is no denying that James Bond is the epitome of style and innovation. We have watched him maneuver many sticky situations with the help of his handy gadgets. Luckily we can also access our inner Bond with help from our technological advancements. Here was 6 of the most Bond-like gadgets on the market, can you think of anymore?