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6 Fun & Creative Uses For a LED Video Wall

6 Fun & Creative Uses For a LED Video Wall

There are many ways to decorate house interiors, concert halls, parks, and industrial areas nowadays, but none are as flashy and extra as having a cool LED video wall. A video wall is a multi-monitor setup of either monitors, projectors or television sets that are tiled together to form one large screen. The use of LED panels for video walls are more common nowadays compared to the use of projectors as they have brighter displays, can be easily set up and have more flexible displays. Because of these three factors it is no wonder why there are more fun and creative ways to use LED video walls now more than ever. Here are 6 of these LED video walls used in fun and creative ways.

1. Full LED wall

Many people rely on visually appealing setups to catch their audience’s attention. Having a full LED wall that utilizes the full expanse of the wall is more than enough to catch anyone’s eye. The great thing about having a full LED video wall set up is the fact that you can display virtually anything possible to it. It can be used to create a serene scene among the bustling area of a marketplace by showing a waterfall or flowing stream. It can be used to creatively market a certain product by playing 

2. Unique Stage Backdrop

Concert halls and stages now have become more and more eye-catching in the modern times because of the ability to create an LED video wall. Stage backdrops have become more unique and in line with whatever it is the event is covering. Concerts, parties, talks and big events almost always have a big set up that utilizes an LED video wall. Take for example, TED Talks that are talks or conferences that are posted online for free distribution. These are usually done on a stage that uses a large LED video wall to drive the point home for any of their speakers instead of using a projector. Another good example are concerts since they have more freedom to create more unique installations for their LED video wall just like Katy Perry’s triangular LED video wall set up during her Prismatic World Tour courtesy of Baz Halpin’s stage design.

3. Art Installations or Displays

Art installations are easily the most fun and creative way to utilize LED video walls. Mosaics, 3D art and films can be played and are great at catching the eye of the audience. There are tons of artists that make use of LED panels to create works of art for their outdoor installations like Jenny Holzer, acclaimed media artist Refik Anadol and more. Refik Anadol is the artist behind the high-rise art installation in San Francisco depicting the sculptures that fit the city.

4. Interactive Exhibits

Digital media has come so far thanks to the advancements in technology which tries to engage all of the human senses. The great thing about these LED video walls is the fact that they can be used for interactive exhibits. The displays are positioned in such a way that the audience can interact with them. These can be touchscreen tables, or floor to ceiling screens that have motion sensors on them. The possibilities are endless. Big companies love to showcase interactive displays such as the Google Light display in their NY office, or the famous Space Needle Skypad made in 2014 that encourages interaction with the people on their display.

5. Colorful Light Display

Outdoor light installations are great because all it needs is space to set it up and tons of people to appreciate it. Light installations come in all forms and sizes like light trees made out of long LED panels that simulate the look of a tree, or even constellation rooms that are made to look and feel like it is filled with stars.

6. Live Video Streaming

The most common use of LED video walls are for live video streaming during events. The great thing about having a huge LED wall is that the artists that perform on stage can still be seen even by thousands of people far out the back. It’s almost like a dual purpose item that every concert must have.

Try out a new way to include LED video walls for your home or business and find yourself bringing out the inner creative in you.