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6 Auto Review Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you a car fanatic? Are you thinking about buying a new vehicle … or just taking a peek at what’s out there? To stay up to date and make an informed decision, you’ll need to do a bit of research.

Make your life easier by checking out these six auto review sites you shouldn’t miss.

1. Auto Week

For a little bit of everything, Auto Week is a great place to start. This auto review website includes all the latest car news, racing information, auto show pictures, car collector news, and, of course, car reviews.

Whatever brand or style you’re into, the website offers an in-depth assessment of all the latest models on the road. It can help you find your dream car in a snap!

2. Auto 1-2-3

If you’re looking for something specific, Auto 1-2-3 can simplify your search. This auto review site offers an on-page search that lets you narrow things down by make and model.

In addition, the website includes links to auto repair, parts and maintenance, and racing information, as well as photos and videos of some of the hottest cars available.

3. The Car Connection

Want car reviews, the classifieds, and a place to do some research? Then The Car Connection’s got you covered. This car review site includes featured reviews that list the pros and cons of each vehicle, and a wealth of other information — like tips and advice for choosing the right car and the latest car news. You can stay up to date and read reviews, all in the same place.

4. Autos

Whether you’re interested in a new car or a used car, there are tons of reviews available at Autos. The website lets you search for reviews, look at all of the latest news articles, and read their comprehensive buyers guide.

Plus, there are also photo galleries to pique your interest! This diverse website gives you tons of information to make the best decision possible about your car.

5. Consumer Reports

To do your research right, read Consumer Reports. It’s one great auto review site you shouldn’t miss!

One perk? It lets you search for cars based on their safety rating. It also includes reviews, price guides, and useful advice. If you need information about diagnosing your car’s exhaust system, don’t worry; this website also provides links for car repair and maintenance.

6. Car Magazine

Do you read Car Magazine? Then why not take a peek at their website! It includes up-to-date car news, pictures, and videos. Of course, there are also extensive reviews, a car blog, and a forum. This lets you get all the information you need and get interactive with others.