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5 Ways To Unleash the Power of Android OS

android os

It’s no secret that smartphones have been making waves since they were first released. Samsung set the standard for smartphones with their flagship Galaxy device thanks to the intuitive and revolutionary Android OS, and it just keeps getting better. With each update, the operating system continues to blow away the competition, leaving Apple and Microsoft devices to look like products of the 90’s.

Are you ready to feel superior? You know your Android device can basically do magic tricks, but did you know that a lot of what you enjoy is exclusive to Android users? The Android OS can do a lot of things that other systems have either tried to do and failed, or haven’t even been gutsy enough to try at all.

android os

1. Transform Your Lock Screen

One of the coolest things about the Android OS is that it’s customizable, even to users who aren’t very tech-savvy. iOS and Windows devices come equipped with a standard lock screen, and so do Androids. However, the Android lock screen isn’t set in stone.

Users can download a simple to use app called Start to transform their lock screens into a fully customizable, functional hub of quick start icons, newsfeeds, Twitter feeds, weather widgets, etc. Virtually anything you want to have quick access to can be placed on your lock screen and arranged just how you like it so your favorite apps and functions are ready to go as soon as you turn on your phone.

2. Get a Smarter Smartphone

With the help of an app called Agent, Android devices are bringing the future a little closer to us. Agent lets your device learn various patterns of your smartphone usage and then uses that information to automate and improve different aspects of your experience.

For example, if you tend to use Bluetooth a lot, that takes a toll on your battery. Agent notices this, and switches it off when your battery starts getting low. When you charge it up, Agent turns Bluetooth back on. You can even sync the app to your calendar if you spend a lot of time in meetings, and Agent will silence your phone during that time in case you forget.

3. Easily Transfer Data

This shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is. For whatever reason, iOS and Windows haven’t quite gotten the hang of data transfers. You don’t need to mess around with shuffling files around in iTunes or any other middle man platform. You can organize and place everything just how you want it with no fuss at all.

With your Android device, you can move files from your computer to your phone and back again simply by dragging and dropping them, just like you would with a USB drive. You can also easily insert an SD card to access files or give yourself some much-needed extra space.

4. See Things in True HD

You’ve noticed by now that your Android’s display is stunning. That’s because devices like the Samsung Galaxy S series boast a true 1920×1080 HD display, something that not even iPhone has come close to touching.

While other operating systems still have crisp, clear graphics, they look downright outdated next to Android devices. The display packs more pixels into smaller areas, and has 35% more pixels than the iPhone 5. That makes it easier to see in direct sunlight, even with the screen brightness turned down.

5. Control Everything With a Wave

One of the coolest things about the Android OS is that you get to pretend to be a wizard/Jedi anytime you want. No other OS lets you control your device using only gestures. With the wave of your hand, you can scroll through your Facebook newsfeed or shop online, all without getting any greasy fingerprints all over that beautiful display.

The Android OS just keeps getting better and better. Systems like iOS and Windows tend to feel limiting and one note, so it’s refreshing to use an operating system that is so user-focused and friendly. Almost anything you can dream up, Android can make it happen. It’s your smartphone. Do what you want with it.