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5 Ways To Look Into The Mind Of Your Niche

How can you get into the mind of your niche? I mean really understanding your niche or your market, their fears, frustrations and desires. How can you better understand your audience, communicate withthemandintheendbe able to market to them?

You use proven techniques that have worked for others and test them to see if they’ll also work for you.

Here are 5 Ways To Get Into The Mind of Your Niche

Forums and Groups

You’ll want to go into forums and groups within your niche. You’ll want to find out where they hang out online. Make sure you do a keyword search in Google for your keyword in your niche plus “forums”. When you put that in the search box the results will show you the forums within your niche. You want to click on each one of those forums and find a few that have good activity and people are participating.

At firstjustlisten and then get involved in the discussion. Become a contributor to the forum and that way you’ll get a good understanding of the language they’re using to communicate their problems and frustrations. Understanding the language will help you know better how to communicate with them.

Phone Calls

When you have prospects and clientscallyou on the telephone and they ask you questions and share their experience with you about your product or service, it’s a good thing. Talking about some of their challenges and problems that they want to solve, is another way of getting into the mindset of your niche.Make sure you do more listening than talking when they call in and have a note pad near so you can take notes as they communicate to you what their frustrations are and you’ll find that’s a great strategy to understand your market better. 


Paying attention to the emails that you get can be very helpful. A lot of times we get emails in from our clients or prospects and in the emails they’re also asking certain questions and talking about experiences that they’ve had with our product or service.

That gives you another idea of what’s going on inside their minds and how you can better serve your niche. So pay attention to those emails and respond back to them. Finding out what’s going on in their minds is like gold in your hands.



Pay attention to the keywords that they’re using to find your site. I hope you have Google Analytics if you’re in business online.

It’s a free tool and you want to pay attention to the keywords that they’re actually typing in and finding your web pages.

That’s also giving you an indication of what kinds of problems they have and what kinds of solutions they’re searching for.


We’ve used surveys with great success. We’ve found out things about our lists that we had no idea about. We made assumptions about what they might want and desire. But we saw that we were off the mark.

Once we did 2-3 surveys we were able to gain a much better insight into what they really wanted to get out of our products.

So if you’re selling online you want to make sure that you survey your list. The frequency will depend on you and your market or niche.




Look at where your conversion rate is now and then give it some time. After you’ve done some marketing to your niche and made some promotions, see what your conversion rate is.

Now and then compare it to where it is in three to six months.

After you’ve spent some time implementing these strategies and getting into the mindset of your niche, you’ll have a much better idea of what they want and how to give it to them.