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5 Ways to Improve your Cell-Phone Battery Life

Many people have opted to having only one telephone. Increasingly, this one phone is a cell phone. Cell phones are compact, mobile, affordable, and offer a multitude of options. Land lines may still be necessary in the business world but are quickly fading out in the personal one.

If you misplace your cell phone you have to have someone call you so you can locate it, but if you let the battery go dead, then what? Our cell phone batteries are crucial to our ability to communicate. Let’s take a look at some ways to get more life out of our cell phone batteries:

Mind their temperature

Cell phone batteries don’t do well in extremely hot temperatures, so don’t leave your phone near your lap top where the temperature tends to get high. Don’t leave it sitting in the sun or in your parked car when the temperatures are high. Don’t carry your cell phone next to your body where they are exposed to your body heat for long periods of time. If your cell phone battery is subject to extremely cold temperatures, let it warm up a bit before using. Cell phone batteries can be stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator to extend battery life, but should not be used until brought to room temperature afterwards.

Turn them off when not in use

It may be tempting to leave them on 24/7, but do you really need them on when you’re working, in church, at the doctor’s office or otherwise occupied? You may have the capability to place your cell into flight mode to conserve energy or simply turn it off. There are times when you’re unable to answer them, or when there’s very little reception, so why waste the battery?

Turn off/down unused features

Does your screen really need to be super bright? Are you using your Bluetooth right now? If not, why have the feature on? A dark background Google screen requires much less power than a white background and is still easy to see. Using your phone in GSM mode rather than 3G will cut your battery life in half. WIFI, GPS, flash photography, and infrared features also drain your battery life quickly, as well as animated screen savers and so forth. Did you know that having your cell on vibrate takes more battery power than your ringer, and loud ringers more than low ones? You also may be able to reduce the time of how long the back-light stays on when using your cell phone. If you have an ambient light sensor, you may be able to turn it off in brighter settings (say daylight) and shorten the time length it remains on.

Limit your talk time

Staying connected may be truly comforting, but say what you need to say and get off your cell, and then you’ll have battery life left for when you really do need to talk.

Charge your battery responsibly

Two things you want to be careful of when charging your cell phone battery: overcharging and charging your cell phone in your car. Don’t charge your cell phone battery until it actually needs charging (say down to one bar of service left), and only charge it in your automobile when you absolutely have to as the current in your car is not the same as household current.

Do you already practice these tips on charging your cell-phone battery? Have you got any other helpful advice as it relates to improving your cell-phone battery life?