5 Ways You Can Market Your Business


Advertising is the best way of turning your small business into one large business enterprise. Every business wants to hold the best campaigns that will give them a better chance of rising to the top. On paper, this is possible. However, in reality, this can be a farfetched thought considering the fact that advertising your business can be quite expensive especially when working on a tight budget. In such a situation, small businesses would want to cut down on their marketing expenses so as to meet their other daily expenses.

Here are a few ways businesses can market their enterprises on a shoestring budget;

1. Establish relations with your customers

The best way of making sure that your business keeps hold of its customers is by building relations with them. It is much expensive to get a new customer than to keep one. For thus reasons, businesses are required to establish strong relations with their customers. This can be done through online campaigns such as email campaigns and social media campaigns. These channels should be used to make sure that your customers stay informed at all times.

2. Offer coupons

Offering coupons is seen as a good way of attracting new customers. For a long time, businesses have been using coupons to build a customer base. Besides helping a business to expand its market, coupons can be a good incentive for generating return visits. Your customers will want to come back in future to see what your business has to offer.


3. Free classified ad sites

Free classified sites have provided businesses with another great opportunity of marketing their business ventures. There are some people still questioning the effectiveness of the classified ads sites and whether they really work as an advertising means. The answer to this is, they do work. By simply posting relevant and catchy ads on free ads site, you stand a better chance of increasing your leads and traffic which is a very good thing in as far as marketing your business is concerned.

4. Request for referrals

Asking your customers for referrals can help market your business. As a business, do not be afraid to ask your customers for referrals as some of them are more than willing to help you get them. With referrals, it becomes much easier for a business to get into contact with new customers and make them part of the family.

5. Make your customers feel special 

By attempting to make your customers feel special, they’ll feel that they are being recognized. Customers respond well whenever they are made to feel special. This can be done in many different ways. A business can decide to be sending handwritten thank you notes to their customers upon making a purchase or enclose some small incentives in the items they sell to their customers.