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5 Tricks That Will Make Your Website Shine


If there’s one advice you need when you start your business it’s to make a website. Most of your business is online and ever since smartphones have burst on scene, people don’t really spend time to look through the phone book or the directory to search for solutions. While it’s easy to hire a designer and create a website that will appeal to people, what’s tough is to get your website out there. If you’re eager to promote your business and you want to create an online presence that will impress you need to make sure that your website shines. There are tons of things that you can do in order to make sure that your website appeals to people in the best possible manner, but here are 5 tricks that will cut down the effort.


1) Call To Action

While this is easier said than done not a lot of websites have a call to action on their website. This is an excellent way to get people in action and make them do something that you want them to do. This could be a ‘Click Me’ button that would take them to your sales page or it may be an ‘Order Now’ button that will encourage people to purchase your products and services. If you are a daily blog and you publish news and entertainment related articles on a daily basis, you will need more people to subscribe to your news feed. A button that says ‘Follow Us’ or ‘Subscribe Today’ will be very helpful. You should keep in mind that your call to action button needs to stand out from the rest of your website. It can be a different colored button or even a button with bigger font on it. This will grab people’s attention.

2) Explain Your Purpose

Every website has a purpose. No one creates a website without knowing what they are going to do with it. However the customer does not know what each website is meant to do. Your purpose could be daily news, entertainment related articles, gossips, sports news, product sales or anything under the sky. However you need to tell the visitor what you intend to do. You could include a punch line under your logo or even a tag line at the top of the page. The visitor to your website needs to know if you are looking to sell them something or give them some piece of information. Your logo can tell people exactly what you are planning to do. This will make your website shine and grab the visitor’s attention.

3) Contact Us

You may have seen this link on every single website however how many of these links have a direct contact email or a phone number. If a link says ‘Contact Us’ it should have information to contact the author. Do away with a form where you are collecting contact information from the visitor. You should keep the ‘Contact Us’ page extremely simple and provide relevant contact details.

4) Content

No matter how beautiful your website is, it’s not going to work if you can’t convey the message. One of the most important things that you need to focus on is making sure that your content is placed in the right places and that it is easy to understand and appealing.

The last thing you want is to have content that’s boring on your website because this will drive people away. If you want people to stay on your website for a long time, you need to do something for them to stay and while visual appeal is one thing, content is the next. If a visitor wants to learn more about your business they are going to read the content on the page and it’s really important that the content impresses. While a good website can keep a visitor hooked on for a while, it’s the content that can convert them into a customer. This is why you need good content.

5) Navigation

If a visitor is lost on your website, they can’t become a customer even if they want to and it is for this reason that you need them to know where to go. Unlike a physical store where there’s someone to guide you through the process, when it comes to a website they are pretty much on their own and if they can’t find their way around they are sure to get lost. This is why it’s important to have clear navigation on the website.