5 Tips to Improve Product Page SEO

Tips to Improve Product Page SEO

If you’re part of the crowded online marketplace, you know how hard it is to stand out. SEO is as important for online store websites and other product-based sites as it is for any other—maybe more so. Having an optimized online store can make the difference between success and failure, and an optimized page should be both easy to find and easy to navigate, especially when it comes to purchasing time.

Websites are usually made up of multiple pages, and that goes double for sales sites, where you might have hundreds or thousands of product sites. Because of this, it’s easy for some key pages to slip under the radar and not be optimized. It’s critical to avoid this because one slow or tricky page can stop a transaction in its tracks. There are several ways you can improve your product page SEO and make it easier for your visitors to make that first purchase. 

1. Provide Product Descriptions

Provide Product Descriptions

You’d be surprised by how many websites expect people to know everything about their products before they arrive. This may work for brand-specific sites that are pre-sold to loyalists, but it’s no way to get new customers. Your website’s product listings should be detailed and clearly display the price, the specifications, and information about what customers can expect from their purchase. Not only is this much more friendly to new buyers, but you’ll see a lot of benefits in terms of SEO, as each mention of the keyword helps boost your rankings. 

2. Include Testimonials

One of the top things Google looks for when determining its search rankings is authority. This is why having guest articles by experts in the field is ideal for blogs, but how does this work for a sales website? Simple—testimonials by respected reviewers

You should have a review section for the general public, but it’s helpful also to spotlight bigger names who might have experience in the field. This can be as simple as offering new items as they come out to the top YouTube reviewers in the area. Their channel can bring traffic back to your site. 

3. Include Accurate Product Images

Include Accurate Product Images

It’s one of the most overlooked parts of effective Google SEO—the image search. While many people go to the traditional search, the image search is a very effective tool if you have a clear picture in your head of what you want to look for but don’t know the exact name. 

If you want it to be effective, make sure the images on your site are both accurate and up to date. Ensure the images are placed in the most relevant location and are high-quality and clear. Following these best practices can give your site a big boost in the rankings. 

4. Relevant Product Titles

One of the biggest problems of getting conversions from clicks is that many people don’t look past the headline. You have a few seconds or less to get their attention, and then they’re on to the next thing that catches their eye. If you want to avoid this, it’s important that your product titles are clear and to the point. All the most relevant information should be right there in the title and take into account that it may get cut short in some views. Keep more specific information towards the end and ensure the eye-catching name and information are the first things your reader sees. 

5. Use of Targeted Keywords

Use of Targeted Keywords

Having proper, accurate information for your products is important to running a good website, but it won’t do all the work to boost you in the search engine rankings. Winning at Google’s metrics is all about how you use your keywords. You should look for a targeted keyword that isn’t putting you up against some of the biggest names in the marketplace but is widespread enough that you’ll pick up a lot of traffic. Optimize your site and find the ideal target keywords with Keyword Explorer.

Optimize Your Product Pages for Success

Whether you’re a major online retailer or a small startup trying to find your slice of the market, the online marketplace is highly competitive. A big part of success is making sure that people interested in the product you do best can find you easily. The product pages are the heart of your site, so make sure they present the best face for your website possible.