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5 Things you can do with your Old Outdated Laptop

old laptop

With time, our once most treasured electronic device either break down or become outdated. Once this happens, we are faced with one predicament: where to take them. Some people tend to leave them lying around the house without realizing their economic value. Even though a laptop can turn out to be outdated, it does not mean that it has completely lost its value.

Discarding them as waste poses as a great danger to the society. Electronic waste tends to leak toxic substances which if they find their way into the environment can poison the soil or the water we drink. However, this does not have to happen. New technology has opened up amazing opportunities which if exploited can help one deal with this issue about old and outdated electronic devices.

1) Selling through classifieds sites

Believe it or not, you can sell your old outdated laptop through online channels. What you consider old and outdated can be a treasure to someone else. Therefore, instead of discarding your Mac, post the item on OLX free classifieds site and wait for someone to contact you. The best thing about these sites is that they have a global audience which translates to a huge market base.

2) Donate it

Instead of leaving the item lying around the house, you can decide to be noble and donate it to a charity group. Better yet, you can give it as a gift to a friend or relative who will surely treasure having the laptop. Donate it in good cause and give a smile to someone else. There are also places that are known to collect old stuff and work on them to produce working machines for schools.

3) Trade it in with something

Trade-in is another option that can be exploited when it comes to disposing an old outdated laptop. You can always find something to trade it with. A good example of an item that you can trade with is a gift card. Online channels have incorporated the option of trading electronic items into their stores making the experience much easier. You only need to place the item in their trade-in Store. Once they receive the item, they’ll send you a gift card in return.

4) Use it for home automation

If your laptop is still in a good working condition, you can decide to connect it to a home automation system. Once this is done, you can be able to use your laptop to switch on/off the lights, set a burglar alarm or even control your houses’ thermostat.

5) Home monitoring

You can hook an external webcam unit to your laptop and place the units in strategic places with internet connectivity to set up a low-tech and inexpensive personal home monitoring system.